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Thread: The Black Dahlia

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    Fantastic info - I've never heard any of that.
    I'm going to have to read a bit more about this.
    A faulty hypothesis forming:
    A German scientist using Iranian physics and French mathematics.

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    No More Stolen Sisters.

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    The Black D

    Ive not seen the castle...yet, but I aspire to one day be able to darken its doorstep when I write something worthy of of an invite to to an evil authors convention. I know there is a name for them, but I cant think of it...hmmm...seatme?? no...featme??? well. One day...DM

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    This was a heinous crime, really turns your stomach when you see the pictures of her. She must have been terrified and in so much pain when this was happening. I still don't understand how someone can find this enjoyable, sick bastards.

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    Via List/verse #3 on the list

    "The latest breakthrough" for me anyway "in the case is the recent statements of Buz Williams, the son of one of the now-dead police officers who investigated the case. Mr Williams has said that Leslie Dillon, a bellhop and one-time morticianís assistant, murdered Short at the request of a Hollywood mogul obsessed with her. Dillon even contacted the police anonymously at the time of the crimes to make enquiries as to their progress."

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    The Rolling Stone article says: "Dillon also knew a number of disturbing details about Short’s murder that the police had been keeping secret..."


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