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Thread: Sammy Davis Jr

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    Surfer Joe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Also the beach boys were supposebly also worshippers. This might answer some of your questions.
    This is completely not true. I know about the Beach Boys backwards and forwards and have followed them since I was a very little kid. Take a look at that link and you'll know it's crackpot stuff. It basically says all rock music is from Satan, period.

    I agree with candleinthewind's post above that Anton Lavey and all that crap was just kind of a briefly-hip joke to a lot of the in-crowd. I heard SDJ talk about porn and "Deep Throat" in the same light on a talk show shortly before he died- it was just a hip thing for about five minutes.

    As to his falling out with Frank, I read one pretty good account ten years ago in a book on the Rat Pack that said that it was all about an interview Sammy gave saying that he was the most talented of the three (Davis, Martin, Sinatra) which is a sense, he certainly was. But Sinatra was enraged- he had done quite a lot for Davis' career, really fought for him, and through the veil of ego he saw the remark as a betrayal.

    I can't vouch for that information as definitive, it's just one book I read, but it was a good, well-researched book.

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    simon69 Guest

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    simon69 Guest

    Sammy Davis Jr. Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow

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    Sammy's birthday today. R.I.P.
    I am a sick puppy....woof woof!!!
    Carping the living shit out of the Diem. - Me!!

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    GSBLTD Guest
    There is a great story regarding Sammy Davis, Jr. being buried with thousands of dollars in cash and a fortune in expensive jewelry, including a Cartier gold watch given to him by Frank Sinatra which Sammy treasured and wore constantly... he also stipulated that it go to the grave with him. The story goes that his widow Altovise ran out of money shortly after Sammy's demise and had him exhumed to retreive the loot. Now, this story has been debated back and forth and flatly denied by many "insiders," but: a couple of years ago, that SAME watch came up for bid in a celebrity auction with an expected pricetag of $10-20,000 [I don't know what the final selling price was].

    Here's the watch both front and back where you can still see the worn engraving Sinatra added: "SAMMY, I LUV YA, F.A.S."

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sammy-davis-jr-cartier-de-pasha-watch1.jpg 
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    Pretty much proves that although you CAN take it with you... someone else can come along and take it right back!

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    Starstruck Guest
    Kind of interesting, Sammys daughter has sold the rights to Sammys life story to two companies!?!?!
    A three year option for $10 000 doesn't seem like very much to me?

    Tracy Davis
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    lobosco107 Guest
    It's sad that his widow was left penniless, and it does not seem like his daughter has much good going on:


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    lisalouver Guest
    Sammys Dad died only two years prior to him, and his mother outlived him by 10 years.

    May Britt is still alive. She is the mother of Tracy, his only biological child.

    I cannot believe that Tracy would sell the rights to his life for 10k???

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    Jacksmum Guest
    She must be in dire straights to sell for 10K - someone got lucky

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    Wendy A. Guest
    I just don't know which is more shocking... The fact that he blew Lovelace's hubby, or dabbling in the devil! Man oh man am I glad I finally joined the forums! I've learned SO much!

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    Just watched a pretty good PBS doc on him this weekend. Just to clear up a few things...he actually slept in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House, had more than one child with May Britt, and the Satanic stuff wasn't mentioned! LOL

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    he was so funny on All In The Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy A. View Post
    I just don't know which is more shocking... The fact that he blew Lovelace's hubby, or dabbling in the devil! Man oh man am I glad I finally joined the forums! I've learned SO much!
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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    Sammy David Jr was great on I Dream Of Jeannie and All In The Family!

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