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Thread: Barbara Thomas - Mojave Desert 2019-2020

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    Barbara Thomas - Mojave Desert 2019-2020

    The story:

    Couple goes hiking (July 2019), get separated for five minutes while husband stops to take pics, and wife goes back to their camper.

    Husband returns to camper, and she is nowhere to be seen.

    About 18 months later, her body was found in the town of Essex CA. Based on the map, this was between 20-25 miles from where they were supposed to have been hiking.

    Obviously the husband is a person of interest, but so far there's nothing that can be used to charge him, and no evidence as to what really might have happened.

    Aside from this. . . I don't care how experienced a hiker you are, going out hiking in the desert wearing just a bikini top in 100+ weather in July, 'without any supplies', seems like a really bad idea.

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    In a bikini, and no supplies in the desert, yeah death for sure, if you don't die of heat stroke then you'll die of hypothermia , yes the desert can get very cold at night, as cold as 38 degrees if not lower.

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