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Thread: Jean-Pierre Adams, 73, incl. 39 in vegetative state

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    Jean-Pierre Adams, 73, incl. 39 in vegetative state

    Not to shower you with local, French celebrities, but the case of Jean-Pierre Adams is noteworthy.

    Born in 1948, he was a soccer player with international status in the 1970s, played for Paris Saint Germain among others. In 1982, a presumably routine surgery at a knee tendon turned into tragedy because of an error during/before anesthesia (local anesthesia I would believe) causing brain damage.

    Adams was a coma and/or persistent gevetative state (information not clear, at least to me) for the rest of his life: 34 years in good health, 39 years in PVS. Wife by his side every-single-day.

    He died this Monday, September 6th, 2021.

    Any similarity with a German Formula 1 driver, since late 2013, is not coincidental.
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    That is just sad. RIP Sir.

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    oh wow, how sad , dang.
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