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Thread: Vanilla Coke Can Solves 40 y/o Case

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    Vanilla Coke Can Solves 40 y/o Case

    Sylvia Quayle was just 35 years old when a man broke into her home the night of Aug. 3, 1981. Her father discovered her naked body the following day and authorities she’d been strangled, stabbed and shot.

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    DNA is a powerful thing. While it will be good if this offender does get convicted for life, he has already spent most of it free, basically getting away with murder for 40 years. I hope things brings some peace to the victim's family.

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    You'd think Microsoft would have better editors for its news site since it's been around for over 30 years. They made what should be a straightforward article into a pita to read.

    The facts of the case are interesting, and the thoroughness of how the evidence was recovered and processed was top notch. I also love it when criminals like David Anderson are snagged even if it takes awhile. In this case, a long while. Hopefully, the online arguments about cops needing a warrant to look through someone's trash will damp down somewhat. Those folks forget that if a homeless person can go through their trash legally, so can the police. Some people love to argue that pointlessly until a victim's family getting justice gets muddied underneath the futility of arguing minutiae.

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