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Thread: 1960 Decathlon Gold Medalist Rafer Johnson (12-1-2020)

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    1960 Decathlon Gold Medalist Rafer Johnson (12-1-2020)

    Rafer Johnson, 1960 Olympic decathlon champion, dies at 86 - CNN

    Johnson won the 1960 Decathlon although he won only one event. Silver medalist C.K. Yang won four. Five different competitors won the other events.

    Johnson was selected to light the Olympic Torch at the 1984 Los Angeles Opening Ceremonies.

    He was also with RFK's entourage the night he was assassinated. In reporter Andrew West's coverage of the melee, you can hear him saying something like "Get the gun, Rafer!"

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    Sad to hear about his death.
    He should of wrote a book about his life.
    (or maybe he did)
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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