Below is a list of recent changes made to the forum.

  • Banned and unregistered users are now allowed to view threads and posts in the forum if they were unable to before. They will not be able to post, look at user profiles, or use forum tools.
  • Members are now allowed to use attachments (such as images) in posts. Attachments can be no more than 200 KB in size.
  • Members can now make their own voting polls and can cast votes.
  • Images and videos are now allowed in in the signature of member posts. Only 5 images and 1 video are allowed per signature.
  • Mods and admin can now see member I.P. addresses.
  • Members can now comment on photos.
  • Max characters in signatures have been changed to 400 characters max.
  • PHP can no longer be added to signatures. This is for security purposes.
  • Custom avatars dimensions can now be 160X160 and the size has increased to 50 KB.
  • Members can now rate threads and posts.
  • Members can now add links to their signatures such as their personal site or Facebook page.
  • Members are now allowed to have their own custom title under their user name.
  • Members can now delete and close their own threads.
  • Members can now add, update and delete tags to their threads. Tags help categorize threads and are useful for search.
  • If they were unable to before, members can now join, create, and delete their own groups. They can also manage and limit discussions in their groups.
  • Reputation has been disabled.

Note to admin and mods: If for some reason some of these updates are not working correctly, please contact me. Thanks.