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Thread: Maine man saws neighbor’s garage in half amid dispute

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    Maine man saws neighbor’s garage in half amid dispute

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    Remember that destruction of property is a crime, so please post these types of threads in this section from now on.

    About six years ago, I dealt with a whackjob neighbor like that dude. I posted about him and his boundary issues in the "Bad Neighbors: Who's got 'em?" thread back then. It's in the RL section somewhere. Needless to say, I've dealt with whackos like Mr. Garage Chainsaw Massacre. Why they get that way over something that could be solved easily used to be beyond me. I now think it's caused by pure stubborness and control freakishness: never a good combination.

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    Don't care about small patch of land, but do object to noise.

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    Glad they weren't fighting over a dog.
    Or a spouse.
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