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Thread: St. Louis couple who aimed guns at protesters charged

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    St. Louis couple who aimed guns at protesters charged

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    I have mixed feelings about this story so I am not going to say a lot. I understand they may have been scared and upset but you never point a gun at someone unless you are prepared to shoot. I did not see the guy point his rifle but his wife did her pistol and with only one hand. Use two hands. I do not think the protesters were going to hurt them but I may be wrong.

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    You can't pull a gun on people walking up your street.

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    I'm glad that they are being charged. If you and I went out and did the same thing, we would face charges. They did not think they would be charged because they were people of privilege but I believe in all people receiving the same treatment regardless of privilege, age, sex, etc. Passes should not be given.

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    Soon the mob will be coming for us all via the AOC and Ilhan Omar brain-dead puppet, Biden. Meanwhile, these roving gangs of destruction, maiming and murder, hide behind masks to avoid identification, and at home dox addresses of the unwoke.

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    I believe that the "protesters" had broken through a locked gate and entered privately owned property - they weren't just marching along and decided to take a left onto public Maple Street. I haven't looked to see if the protesters had been charged with vandalism or trespassing or destruction of private property, as they should be.

    But IMO, the homeowners shouldn't have been out there pointing guns at people, you only point guns at that which you are about to shoot.
    But there's nothing wrong with being out there and making it obvious that you are armed.
    As they say, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

    I saw a video from the Chicago "protest" a few days ago where the mob was trying to pull down the Columbus statue.
    It was a well planned attack on the cops that sent something like 18 to the ER and injured more.
    The overhead camera showed multiple people open umbrellas on cue to hide their identity from overhead, others dumped backpacks of frozen water bottles onto the ground that people then scooped up and threw at the cops. Many of the marchers were carrying banners affixed to PVC poles, the ends of the poles had been sharpened into spear points for throwing at the cops.

    A lot of this isn't about racial injustice or George Floyd (recently released transcripts show why it was appropriate to pin him down that way), it's just about anarchy.
    As soon as "protesters" start throwing stuff, attacking others (including cops) or starting fires, causing damage, etc.; it's no longer a protest but a riot; and there is no such thing as excessive force in quelling a riot; IMO.

    I'd say the St. Louis homeowners were out of line pointing weapons, but the protesters had committed vandalism and were apparently on private property, which is what lead to the homeowners pointing weapons. Hopefully the charges against the homeowners will be dismissed and the protesters who can be identified will be charged with appropriate crimes.
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