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Thread: Bobby Lauher - Ernie Kovacs' sidekick

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    Bobby Lauher - Ernie Kovacs' sidekick

    Bobby Lauher (August 30, 1930 - August 22, 1973) was a comedy writer and occasional performer. He is best remembered as sidekick to Ernie Kovacs on Ernie's series of specials for ABC in 1961-2.

    Bobby died tragically young at age 42 (the same age at which Ernie had died a decade earlier). Can anyone tell me the manner of death?

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    I thought Bobby was interviewed by PBS for Ernie's 100th birthday. Bobby had smallish stature and frequently played Lord Fauntleroy type kids in Ernie's skits. Ernie had a set of regulars after Edie more or less left the comedy bits. There was another "Bobby" who was a regular on the Kovac's shows. Ernie was on his way to meet the other gentleman for a night-cap drink at PJ's Club, in L.A. when he spun out the Corvair and was killed.

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    I so enjoy old time American tv shows.
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