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Thread: French actress Suzy Delair, aged 102

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    French actress Suzy Delair, aged 102

    Laurel & Hardy fans will remember her for her role in their final film Utopia aka Atoll-K. Most L & H fans consider this film to be their worst. It was once on TCM so I recorded it, and stopped watching during the first scene. It was that depressing and that awful to watch. Stan's and Ollie's health problems are clearly visible, plus the peformers (this was filmed in Europe with an international cast and crew) not speaking English had their voices poorly dubbed.
    Ironically enough it's also the longest L & H film and has been part of Public Domain for decades, so since the VHS days it's been readily-available for viewing.

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    RIP, Suzy - she was a looker back in the day.
    I watched a few minutes of Utopia on Youtube, yeah; it's sad.

    All things considered though, 102 was a pretty good run.
    When you think about it; she's pretty lucky she survived the encounter with Stan, not all of his attractive costars did.
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