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    Marj Dusay 83,

    Though she is best remembered for her work on soap operas such as Alexandra Spaulding on The Guiding Light, Myrna Clegg on Capitol [she replaced Carolyn Jones "Morticia Addams" from the original Addams Family who died from cancer] & All My Children. she made numerous guest appearances on Star Trek The Original Series, Hogan's Heroes, The Bionic Woman, The Facts of Life ,Bonanza and many others. she was the 2nd actress to play Alexandra Spaulding on The Guiding Light. then in 2002 they hired Joan Collins to play Alexandra Spaulding for a 6 month run but Joan quit after about 3 months then they brought Marj back and she stayed until the soap was cancelled in 2009.

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    RIP, just looking at her IMDb she did a lot
    of shows, like Get Smart a great sitcom from
    the 1960s.
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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