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Thread: 3 die in hotel pool in spain

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    3 die in hotel pool in spain

    I can't get my head round this .2 sisters 9 and 14 were playing in a hotel pool on holiday in the Costa Del Sol ,and neither of them could swim .The 14 year old turns up at the room without her sister ,then the father and 16 year old son - who also couldn't swim , jump in to save the 9 year old .All 3 die .What were the 2 girls doing in the pool on their own if they couldn't swim ? how come all 3 died ? They have already re-opened the pool to the public again ,and are passing it off as a "terrible tragedy " . Surely there should be a thorough investigation into this ?

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    There was a report a few days when it happened that they were looking into the pool pump system but later said they found nothing. There were no signs of chemical poisoning or injuries found when the autopsies were done. I agree something strange is going in as the mother is adamant all three were good swimmers and there was something wrong with the pool yet the resort is denying it more or less putting the blame on the victims. The family lawyer made it clear beforehand that if they weren't satisfied with the findings they would open their own inquiry and it looks like that is the way it's gonna go.

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