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Thread: Charles Levin, 70

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    Charles Levin, 70

    He apparently died under odd circumstances.

    What the article does not mention is he was also on "The Golden Girls" in the pilot and early Season 1 episodes as houseboy, Coco, before he did a fade. He also played the cop Vera married on "Alice" before that show ended.


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    Oh no!
    The odd circumstances include vanishing while in the process of moving (to me, going to the trouble to move could mean he was in danger, but probably not - and not likely he was suicidal, it’s too exhausting to live let alone pack boxes and move!), and his dog being found in the car while his body was found outside the car.

    I think Boo Bear (his dog) might be a key. Unless Levin took him/her all that way and killed him (no doubt mercifully via gunshot/asphyxiation...well, more mercifully than locking in a car and leaving behind), Levin probably had to pull over and get out for some reason, and something unexpected happened to him then. Probably a health incident because who would follow him all the way out there, get him to pull over, etc.?!
    Weird. Sad.
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    I thought he would have been a nice foil for the ladies. Apparently the pilot with him had been shown to a preview audience and they decided to make Sophia a regular as opposed to recurring so his part was cut. Sounds like he was troubled in later years. Very sad.
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