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Thread: Arizona man kills teen for listening to rap music

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    Arizona man kills teen for listening to rap music

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    Well on one hand, his actions do lend some credibility to the mental illness defense.

    But the real question here is did the kid turn the rap music off (or turn the volume down) as soon as the crazy guy slashed his throat and stabbed him, or did he escalate the situation by just letting it play?

    Clearly, both parties have some share in the blame, I'd say.

    But geeze; it was just plain, old rap.

    It wasn't like that God-awful new Opera-Rap that's all the rage around here.
    I'm sick of that stuff.

    Low-rider limos pulling alongside at red lights with that stuff blaring and thumping through the speakers.
    Sampling Callas & Pavarotti and some thug-ass tenors. And then you see them - all those opera-gangsta wannabes sitting in the back seats in their tuxes and formal wear, staring at you through little binoculars with handles and doing karaoke.

    It's getting out of hand, I'd say.
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