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Thread: Paul DeRolf (actor/choreographer in 1960s)

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    Paul DeRolf (actor/choreographer in 1960s)

    I remember him mainly playing the part of the (meditating?) beatnik Horace I an ep of "Beverly Hillbillies." The beatniks 'leader' Sheldon was Alan Reed Jr. Horace would (supposedly) wake up from his meditating occasionally and utter something profound. In this particular ep, it happened while the others were dancing (or something), somewhat upsetting Sheldon, since he might have to wait weeks before he might hear another profound pronouncement.

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    He played Moses' nephew in "The Ten Commandments". Had no idea who his character really was until I read his obit, I just remember that he was kid in the Passover scene.
    Kathy "Family Affair" Garver was in that film as well, but I must've blinked and missed her.

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