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Thread: Afroman Punches Woman at Concert

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    Afroman Punches Woman at Concert

    Dude, chill out. Smoke a blunt.

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    Looks like he's had the munchies a lot since he got high.

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    I wanna see a cage fight: Afroman vs. Opera Man! No round limit, no holds barred, and the winner gets to leave the cage alive.

    You be careful out among them English.
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    In my old home town no less.

    So, now he is a two hit wonder.
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    Not exactly devastating. She got up pretty quickly and walked away with a steady gate and no apparent equilibrium issues bloody face or shocked expression. Doesnt even look like his fist connected with her face more like his forearm hit her collarbone causing her to fall backwards. What a rude dumb lazy attention whore to assume a position on stage and then do nothing interesting. Dude did the bougie cunt a favor by knocking her disrespectful ass down.
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