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Thread: Station Nightclub fire in West Warwick, Rhode Island 2

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    yea!--We've all made it to a page #28!

    Wow. That footage is so clear we can now see a protective plexiglass screen between the three patrons and the soundboard. I was wondering how they kept beer out of the electronics during, say, Kisstory.

    WPRI-TV was a CBS affiliate at the time, so CBS probably got their pick of the footage. Nice to see the courageous Jim Acosta as well.

    That's Brian Loftus talking about people running out on fire. And Donna Miele is Ben Suffoletto's sister. I had a visit with her at the anniversary. We talked a lot about Ben's Halloween displays. As "Billoween," I could relate. (For an idea of what I do, check out "Halloween at Bill's House" on youtube--3:59-2009.)

    By the way, that's 6'-7" Walter Carpenter with the baseball cap near the right speaker and behind/next to the Conant sisters.
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