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Thread: Cliff Osmond

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    Cliff Osmond

    Character actor & noted acting coach Cliff Osmond has died at the age of 75.

    You may best remember him as the insurance fraud investigator on the tail of Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon in The Fortune Cookie.

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    Another fine character actor left us, whom I did not remember his name, only his face. Such is the lot of the better character actors.

    In looking at his website, I learned he taught acting. I believe he was well qualified to do so.
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    A true actor who was "in it" for the love of the game.

    And most certainly I will donate to the Lustgarden foundation for Pancreatic Research in his memory.

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    Yes, vague memory, yet many accomplishments in a profession that yielded a lot of undocumented and recognized success!
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