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Thread: Favorite movie or TV lines?

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    Nobody puts baby in the corner - Johnny Castle - Dirty Dancing

    Well we'd have to be talking about one charming motherfucking pig - Jules Winnfield - Pulp Fiction

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebear71 View Post
    "Last night, I shot an elephant in my pajamas, but I'm not not sure how he got in my pajamas." Grouch Marx
    This is the classic one, over the years.
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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    I was a teenager when Buffy came on TV and going through a lot. There were a lot of quotes on the show that got me then and still does all these years later.

    Strong is fighting. It's hard and it's painful and it's everyday but it's what we have to do.
    The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.
    Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.
    They might not be the smartest or witiest quotes but they are lines that have stayed with me for over 20+ years and the older I get, the more I realise just how true they are.

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    Oh I quote a LOT.....glad I found this thread!!!!

    "You're killin' me, Smalls." ----The Sandlot (Said DAILY at work!)

    "Seriously? Seriously!" ----Grey's Anatomy (Said HOURLY at work!)

    "I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's groove!" ----Kronk, Emperor's New Groove (Said when someone interferes with my rhythm at work, or computer/credit card machine/Internet goes down.)

    When my boss tells me, "You are late," I reply with, "A thousand apologies, oh patient one," from Aladdin.

    "SPIRIT FINGERS!" -----Bring it On

    "You cannot pray away the gay!" ----Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy

    "It's leviOHsa, not levioSAH. You're going to put someone's eye out." ----Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's [Philosopher's] Stone
    "Tequila may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot."

    "I just go here!"

    "I am not psychic. I AM psychotic. BIG difference."

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    History of the world
    Dole Clerk (Bea Arthur): Occupation?

    Cornicus: Stand-up philosopher.

    Dole Clerk: What?

    Cornicus: Stand-up philosopher. I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension.

    Dole Clerk: Oh, a *bullshit* artist!

    Cornicus: *Grumble*...

    Dole Clerk: Did you bullshit last week?

    Cornicus: No.

    Dole Clerk: Did you *try* to bullshit last week?

    Cornicus: Yes!

    Another one from History of the world
    "yes Your Highness"
    "Say Oh, Bob, do I have any openings this man might fit"
    Bob: Well we could always use another wine steward. "

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    I have always loved this bit with Marilyn Monroe and Groucho Marx. I could have written the dialogue, but it plays better visually!
    Today you could be standing next to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart. So whatever you do today, do it with kindness.

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    Very true, I love the Marx Brothers and so
    Love Happy (1949) is the last film they ever
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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