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Thread: Ghosts, Poltergeists, Haunted Places & Stories

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    LupeVelez Guest
    Good choice!

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    shellileigh Guest
    haven't seen one and don't believe until it is seen.

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    knothere Guest
    Yes I've heard that it happens alot, returned lava to Hawaii. I wouldn't touch it...I'd rather swallow a weejee board first.
    I lived on a farm when I was 9ish.
    I met a ghost there.
    The farm was 150 years old n there was a hand made doll house in the spare rec room. I used to play with it alot so it got put in my room.
    I had my ghost visit me n the doll house got taken out of it cuz I refused to sleep in my bedroom till the ghost was gone(2months about).
    Ergo... doll house outa my room ghost gone... but still in the house.

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    BeeCee Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shellileigh View Post
    haven't seen one and don't believe until it is seen.
    You sound like my sister! We had a big conversation last night about such things and my "unhealthy" interest in ghost hunting shows.

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    knothere Guest
    shadowlands is great

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    MoJo67 Guest
    Okay, I have posted that it takes alot to make me believe it some things, but, I am sure I have been in the presence once or twice. You know how you have that "foreboding" feeling? Happened to me once in an old house I was in...I wanted to get the heck OUT and I mean NOW.... I never saw or heard anything, just a horrible gut wrenched. I never figured out why, but after I was out and away from the house, I was just fine.
    Another time, in my mind I heard a "LOOK OUT"...I was in my car with my daughter (3) in the back, I looked in the rearview to see a pickup barrelling up on my a$$...I had just enough time to slam the accelerator and pull over. He was slamming on his brakes, but if I hadn't moved he would have plowed me. It was weird, and I have always thought the voice in my head (ok, don't go there lol) was my deceased father's. But it seemed "ghostly". It has been 12 years since that happened, but the memory is still strong.

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    Hi all, newbie here. I have had several "encounters," most with not such good outcomes. They are basically a foreboding of someone close to me having something happen to them. One that stands out is the first one I really remember, and I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

    I was 12, watching my parents getting ready to go out for the evening. My grandmother (mom's mom) was coming over to watch us, as my older sister was out for the night and they didn't trust my brother to watch me. Our house had lots of stairs, with 8 coming from upstairs, a landing and then 9 going down to the first floor. I remember going down the stairs and then feeling sort of woozy and light-headed, sort of like being drunk (had never had alcohol at this point) and I fell the last 3-4 stairs into my mom, while saying, "don't answer the phone." She looked at me quite oddly, as the phone WASN'T ringing at that point. Two seconds later, after repeating this, the phone rang. It was my grandmother telling us she had od'd, was going to die, blah-blah-blah... turns out she had od'd on alcohol and they had to rush her to the emergency room. She recovered fine. But... flash forward 10 or so years later...

    I'm doing community theatre, as is my mother. We agree to meet up at a local restaurant after our respective Sunday matinees. The group I'm with starts talking about ghost stores (it's the end of Sept) and has anyone ever experienced anything, blah-blah-blah... I tell them yes, I have and name a few of them. They then ask if I'm experiencing anything else at that point. i start to get a little woozy again and start hearing the chanting song from "Jesus Christ, Superstar!" (yes, so I'm a drama freak) in my head and I tell them yes, I'm having a premonition now.

    They get all scared and I tell them not to worry b/c it's never about anyone I am with at that point. The sensation goes away and we have our dinner, but my mother never shows up. I go home, check the answering machine which was blinking off the wall at that point, and the first thing I hear is, "Um, Miss ____, this is the ____ police department calling. We have some bad news. Um, I'm afraid your mother has passed!" I start screaming and thing its MY mother, but of course I find out it's the same grandmother from before. My mother didn't show b/c she came home first before meeting us to change, got a phone call and went with my aunt to the hospital.

    Later that night, two of the friends I was with earlier that night were talking. One who didn't know me as long said, "but we were just talking about this? How did she know?" And my friend simply replied, "she just did. She gets these and they're usually dead-on." (pardon the pun)

    I think My grandmother, who I was totally attached to, simply wanted to let me know she was leaving. I still, to this day, and it's been nearly 20 years, miss this woman like you wouldn't believe. There are others, one concerning my best friend's father's suicide, but I don't want to monopolize the forum on my first visit!

    Scott, I closetly love your site! Everyone else thinks I am weird!


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    radio_free_bg Guest
    I've heard of this ghostly phenomenon known as "forerunners". These are supposed to be the spirits of those about die appearing miles away from their place of demise to say goodbye to their loved ones.

    My mother mentioned an experience to me that happened to her when she was a teen in Mexico .She claims that a friend visited her in a dream, only to find out that the friend had been murdered that evening after not being allowed into his home for missing curfew.

    I guess, parents were really strict back then.

    Funny, how these ghost stories tend to proliferate in the "old country.

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    mommafreak Guest
    I was about 13 and my uncle was spending the night in our spare room (converted garage into bedroom) and he woke up standing in the door way to the kitchen. Kitchen cupboards flying open and shut and things falling out of the cupboards. I ran and stood next to him watching the entire thing. Spices falling, coffee cups, etc. All just topling out. It was no earthquake! Just werid. Lived in the San Franciso area near Oakland, would of been in '77.

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    Kevmeister Guest

    Post Haunted House! Truely!

    I have always been a skeptic about ghost.
    However, several years ago I changed my mind.
    I moved my family into a large 3 story house in
    Central North Carolina. A beautiful place filled with
    antiques dating back to the American Civil War era.
    Soon after we moved in, I began hearing voices of a small child in the lower levels of the house. My wife was soon concerned of
    the voices too but kept her concerns from me. One even
    the ghostly experience was so strong and real that we
    were both moved to tears. It was then we began to talk of
    the things that we had been hearing. We had a young
    son and we didn't want to scare him. It seems that all
    small children are afraid of the "Boogie Man". So we kept quiet
    about it.
    One morning our son came running into the parlor screaming
    that someone downstairs was talking
    to him but he couldn't see them. I then new that something
    was definetly happening in our home. We have had guest in the house
    who have also heard the mysterious ghostly voice. It is the voice
    of a small child but it does not speak English. The voice
    is as clear as someone standing before you in conversation.
    It is not frightening to me, however it does make me feel
    a little strange. My son has grown to except the voice and
    sometimes when we have guests over, I anticipate the voice
    just to see the reaction on our friends faces. I have invited
    some friends to stay the night with us however most decline
    with a "No thanks man!"
    I have often thought that the house would be best served as a
    "Bed and Breakfast" just so others could experience what I
    have seen and heard for myself. I know many could never
    believe this story. I can't blame them. I would have doubted
    it myself. I guess seeing or in this case "hearing" is believing.
    "Haunted Home"owner

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    BeeCee Guest
    [SIZE=3]Oooo...good stories everyone! Keep 'em coming!

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    we lived in a very old Victorian 2-flat in Oak Park. The basement was the creepiest one I have/had ever been in. It had all sorts of hidden rooms and still had the dirt floor in some parts. I WOULD NOT go down there by myself after I saw a light go on and off by itself, and start to sway, almost as if a breeze was blowing it. I always felt like someone was watching me down there, and they didn't seem to be the nicest person.

    I have yet to look into that house, but know it was built in the late 1880's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbid1 View Post

    For you folks that like reading about ghost..check this site out!

    Some of the stuff in this site you really don't want to read at night!

    Amazing real ghost stuff...Ive been a fan of the site for years.

    There's some cool pictures on that website - altho I prefer to see the full body apparitions - orbs and mists are kind of boring!

    Altho I have seen a mist!

    My mom died in the house I live in (Dec 26th of last year), and in July (a few months ago), I was outside in the backyard with the dog when I noticed he was barking like crazy over something.

    I looked over to where he was and right over by the rose bushes was a small misty cloud - like fog. It just hung there for a few minutes and then it slowly disappeared and then the dog shut up.

    A few days earlier, I had woken up about 5:30 in the morning and was laying there in bed and a few second later heard 3 knocks on my wall in my bedroom. Very distinctive knocking.

    The only one in the house was my step-dad and he asleep in his room - on the other side of the house!

    After those two experiences and a few sleepless nights - since my step-dad went out of town for a month, I had a chat with mom and told her I knew it was her house and I had no problem with her being there, but I needed my sleep and if she wanted to make her self known - to only do it when I wasn't paying attention!

    It's been quiet ever since - altho once in a while -during daylight hours, I hear the occaision knocks on the wall on whatever I room I happen to be in.

    As long as it's during the daytime - WAY before bedtime, I don't have a problem with it!

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    djdeath-hag Guest
    I had an "experience" that I can share. My dad died just before the start of my junior year of college...where I was majoring in Theatre (what a shocker, huh?!?!) I was trying to adjust....while still in mourning about 2 months later when I was in a production of "The Miser" (a Moliere farce).

    This was being performed in the "lab theatre, a very intimate performance space with no seperation between the stage & the audience. On the last night of the run, my mom had come with a friend, to see the show. My character's appearance didn't take place until the final act...but it was a funny role, the guy who explains all of the chaos. As I stepped out from the darkness, my prop cane broke.....I just hunched over a little bit more....and enjoyed the extra laughs.....during my scene, I saw my mom sitting in the 3rd row, next to... yep, you guessed it, my dad. It was shocking & quite surreal at the time. At the curtain call, Dad was laughing so hard, I could see tears streaming down his face.

    The theatre was on the 2nd floor, the dressing rooms at the bottom of the stairs that the audience would all be coming down. I was down in 2 seconds flat, waiting & watching for the image of my dad to come down. Not only did he not show up in the brightly lit hallway, there was not a single audience member who even came close in resemblence. Mom & her friend came down & the usual hugs & banter took place.

    She never knew about the apparition or why I must have seemed disappointed & perhaps distracted after the show. Lucky for me, about a year ago, the subject of ghosts came up...and when I told Mom about Dad's attendance at that show, she seemed quite pleased....and maybe a tad bit envious.

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    seamuskaxen Guest
    I haven´t seen a ghost, but I get visits from the other world from time to time. Yesterday when I was going from my living room to the kitchen there was this strong male perfume. A few weeks ago, my living room got filled with my grandfathers sense. I could smell him. I started talking out loud to him, saying that I wasn´t afraid and that he was wellcome to come and see me anytime he wanted, I live in his old appartment. I can wake up in the middle of the night by someone unknown reading a newspaper, or messing with my cd´s. My neighbour who´s very into this solved this for me. The next time I heard someone do this I would tell them to go into the other room, I did and I moved my cd´s into that room and I haven´t heard anything like that since. Now I can hear someone being in the kitchen at night. If I leave my radio on for my bird when I´m away, it will be turned off when I get home. My bedroom will smell like a flowery garden at times, I still can´t figure out that one or the manly perfume, or the smell off smoke. But I have with the help of my family been able to identified some of the spirits that come visits.

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    knothere Guest
    I smell people too, one is my best friend (alive) and the other is my Dad (dead).
    Aries65 your mother loves you and she's lettin you know with the knockin. What does your step dad think about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knothere View Post
    Aries65 your mother loves you and she's lettin you know with the knockin. What does your step dad think about this?
    He hasn't had any encounters at all. I think why my Mom (hopefully it's her!) has done what she has, is because while I cared for her last year before she died, we watched a lot of TV together and the shows she really like also were Ghost Hunters and all those "haunted hotel" shows they'd play on the Travel Channel (we even watched the Loretta Lynn Plantation one this time last year!).

    She knew I had never seen a ghost - but was fascinated with it all. So I think the knocking and the mist I saw out in the backyard is her (I hope!) way of allowing me to have that experience - finally!

    It's a bit freaky if you've never experienced it - and only seen photos or stuff on TV about it!

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    knothere Guest
    Your Mom wouldn't wana scare you. N ya I hope like hell it is your mom. If I was to bet the farm I'd say it's your Mom. I'd be scared too.. well ...freeked out to say the least.

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    hoxharding Guest is a great site! You can check out their pics(some are way spooky)
    For fun, check out and look at their webcams.

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    Guest Guest
    I have had many experiences with apparitions..premonitions..."forerunners" and things moving and being heard

    my earliest recollection was about age 4 when a girl that my mother babysat died of cancer...she was school aged and was my playmate after she got out of school...the children were horrible to her...making fun of her because she was dying...taking her wig and tossing it around and away from her...she was so nice and I remember being so sad when she would come to my house after school..or sometimes my mom and I would have to go get her...she would cry...she told me that she was going into the unknown but wasn't afraid about 3 weeks later she died...I woke up and she was sitting on my rug holding a doll and said she had to go but didn't know which way...I went and got my mom up and told her Joyanna was in my room and didn't know where to got up...came to my room...told me it was just a dream "see she's not here" but I could still see her..then the phone was Joyanna's father calling to tell my mother she had passed.

    many experiences between but the next one was my grandpa when I was 17...I dreamed that he came to me to tell me goodbye..that he had to go..that he wanted to father woke me and I was crying in my sleep and he said "your grandpa has died" I asked daddy why was he all bloody? my father's face turned white..he took a deep breath and looked at me with total understanding that I had dreamed of him as he had of his own mother when she granddad was killed in a car accident...that would explain why he had blood on him in my dream

    I saw my deceased sister, grandmother and great grandmother the day my father did my brother and his son

    It seems it runs in my family as my grandfather recalled many stories of seeing loved ones and spirits in old places and father experienced it throughout his life as well...none of it scares me...not even the forbodding feelings which I must admit are about the worst in the just want to run...those feelings I believe are angry spirits...I mean I know it sounds a lot like the 6th Sense but they are very real..some are just more open to them than others

    I see things all the time and I can also predict tragic seems my son has also inherited the family "gift" as he seems to see things..communicate with people who aren't there and is most sincere that HE CAN see them...I tend to believe that over the imaginary friend because of my own experiences

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    Gardner32 Guest
    Some of my family think my parents house is haunted. I don't think so, but it was at one time. My dad built the house, my grandmother passed away in it. I was too little to notice if she was still around. But when I was in my early twenties, my mom had cancer, and we had the weird little lady come live with us as a caretaker for my mom. One day he left and went to a motel and electrocuted herself in the bathtub. She had apparently tried before, because she came and borrowed an extension cord, since her original cord was too short. Anyway, her presence was in the house for about three days. I didn't see her, but my cousin and I felt her, we were really creeped out. Then later I talked to my mom, and she said Ruth had come in the door, walked up to her bed, and then walked out the other door. Then she was gone.

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    dirttrackdemon3 Guest
    my ghostly experience didnt happen in my home, it happened on some railroad tracks. me and 2 other guys were hiking fdown the tracks, just for the hell of it and the chance to snag onto a passing train. anyway, it was broad daylight, and hotter than hell. we were on a straight stretch of track and we all seen this man walk out of the woods and stop right in the middle of the tracks. one of my friends thought he was gonna try to rob us or something, so we started walking to him. we are all big guys, all over 6'4, and all over 200lbs. we figured he would turn tail and lite out, but instead, i swear, the guy just blinked out!! we were told later that a old hobo was killed by a train in that area back in the 40's, so i suppose that is who we saw.

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    WendyK Guest
    The house I use to live in was 120 year old victorian.We bought it dirt cheap it was a forclosure.The very first day my husband and I went and looked at it I said it gorgeous but I have an odd feeling it is haunted.Well we moved in and I was right.One night while in the living room folding clothes I heard music I walked around to try and find where it was comming from,it was comming from my locked curio cabinent and it was my wind up " no batteries" music box.Then another night right after my youngest daughter was born I went down stairs to get her a bottle and as I am walking back through the kitchen I looked over at the sliding glass door and seen the reflection of and old man sitting at my kitchen table and when I looked over the other way at the table noone was there it scared me so bad I ran up the stairs and jumped in bed and pulled the covers over my head and my poor little daughter was still crying wanting her My oldest daughter who was 5 at the time kept talking about the little girl in our upstairs bathroom when I questioned her about the little girl she said she lived here and her daddy was a dentist.So, I go and look up records on the house sure as shit at one time our house was a home/ dentist office I could go on all day about that house we all sorts of stuff go on there.My brother and his wife now live in the house along with my mother she came with the house when we sold it to them lol.My girls go there everyday after school until I get off work and they come home and tell me about what happens at the house.I never once stayed home alone in that house when I lived there HELL NO LOL

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    orionova Guest
    When I was a child, I had an Aunt and Uncle who lived in a house in Washington, PA. We'd go visit them every other Sunday, and my sibs and I loved it. Until it came time for us to have to go upstairs. And unfortunately, the bathroom was upstairs. My parents figured that if we kids took a bath there, we could stay later and not have to rush home in order to get ready for school the next day.

    The bathroom had a horrible feeling to it. I wasn't shy about voicing my displeasure, either. I'd kick and scream and cry, trying to get out of going up there alone. My sister stayed overnight with my aunt and uncle a couple times, but I was way too scared to.

    It was only when we were older, and my aunt and uncle gone, that we found out that the bathroom had once been a baby's nursery. One day, the baby's mother snapped, smothered the baby in its' bed, and hanged herself from the light fixture.

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    attackatdawn Guest

    Haunted Places and Legends

    My daughter and husband live on a farm a few miles away from the Swensson Farm The house and barn were built of brick by Olof Swensson and daughter Katie, and completed in 1903. It is a historical site now it is reportable haunted. She said she went to see it once and just going to the house gives you a errie feeling. Here is a website about it but what they don't tell you is Olof Swensson & his wife had a daughter who they thought died of Typhoid fever they buried her but they found out later she was quite not dead yet. They heard muffled screaming coming from her grave and when they dug her up her hands were all cut up from trying to get out and it was too late. I guess Olof went a little nuts after that. It is supposably haunted.

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    Gardner32 Guest
    I just found out about a new one. The HavenRestaurant and Bakery in Jamul CA

    Of course, there's the Whaley House, and El Fandango, lots of places in San Diego

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    auguststar Guest
    There's Lemp Mansion here in St. Louis. Lots of tragedy there for sure, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was haunted.

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    ComputerGuy Guest
    Our House is supposively. The owners from the 70's died in my office from Cancer.. Some of the weird things that happen is the phone will page itself, I have a WW2 Bomber model that will turn on by itself.

    Plus some other things like a feeling something is there.
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    GlitterGlam Guest
    I posted this in the scariest horror movie thread.

    When I was 7, we moved from my childhood home. When I was a teenager, my mom finally told me what happened in that house.

    The couple that lived there before us met in an insane asylum (seriously!). They had a nanny named Pat and the husband, Charles, had an affair with the nanny. My sister had the nanny's room and the nanny had written "Pat loves Charles" on the walls in small print. His wife found out about the affair and shot herself in the den. There was a bullet hole in the wall right behind the couch. My mom said she sometimes felt her presence in the house and sometimes felt something brush up against her.

    I do remember a few weird things happening in the house though. One time, my sister and I were watching TV and the TV and the smoke alarms went off, but the electricity didn't. Another time, one of the windows in the front of the house broke and no one was outside.

    The realtor that sold the house to my parents didn't bother to mention this whole thing to them before they bought the house. We only lived there for a few years. We all hated that house.

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    SanDiegodeathhag19 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gardner32 View Post
    I just found out about a new one. The HavenRestaurant and Bakery in Jamul CA

    Of course, there's the Whaley House, and El Fandango, lots of places in San Diego


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    RoRo Guest
    We have a haunted cave near Nashville that's world famous. The Bell Witch was banished there loooong ago. They say things still happen there but I'm not gonna go and find out.....hey a president was messed with by this ghost. Yeah she's a ghost but is called a witch.

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    kelbons Guest
    The original building at my college was haunted... people being touched, splashing sounds coming from the old pool in the basement, etc.

    SUNY Brockport; Brockport, New York

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    xenaswolf Guest
    Well I live a mile or so from the mansion they filmed Rose Red in. Its supposedly haunted. I also worked at Western State Hospital and I KNOW its haunted. I'm lucky I guess, in an area with alot of haunted areas.

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    Mark Guest
    I dealt with ghosts before. When I was 8 years old I was in my bed wide awake. I saw someone walking in my in my living room. The next day I asked my parents if it was one of them, they said no.

    I feel I have seen or have felt the ghost of Marilyn Monroe twice in my life. I have another friend that is a Marilyn fan. He gave me a picture of her. I had it sitting next to me. I'm just sitting in the chair minding my own business, then at the corner of my eye I noticed the picture move. It was like wow. I didn't say anthing about it though.

    Another time I was laying in my bed wide awake again. All my Marilyn posters were in my room at the time. I was laying their and just heard them rattle. I even got up for a bit to see. The rattle of course stopped.

    I may have experienced Marilyn's ghost a third time, this here is pretty wicked. This other friend of mine that is a Marilyn fan of mine and I saw a thing on tv about her on Dateline or something. We were talking. He told me "Mark what if the mafia had something to do with Marilyn's death, you think she would get mad at you for watching mafia movies." I just said "I don't think it would make any difference." Right after that I drove my car into a dead, that I driven by before no problem. I was like wow!!!!!!!!!!! My car wasn't even damaged.

    I noticed one person mentioned aliens on this topic, yes I believe in aliens too. I had an experience once.

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    Ms. K Guest
    Where do I start?

    The house that my parents live in is haunted by at least one spirit. The one that both my brother and I have seen, and never talked about until well after I had moved out, and we'd both had experiences? Definite male. My brother has seen him more clearly than I have, as the ghost used to stand at the side of his bed and try to talk to him. But, I have heard him. Brother and I are both clairvoyant, but I'm the only clairaudient.

    That ghost led me out of my bedroom and down the hall one night when I was about ten. I saw a man in the doorway of my bedroom, and thought it was my uncle, and got out of bed and was going to keep following him, until my mother stopped me. She tells me that I mumbled something about following Uncle Ted, and she led me back to bed, and when she went back down the hallway, she felt the ghost, and told him to stay away from her children, or she'd remove him. He got the message.

    Now? He just messes around in the kitchen, or turns lights on in the living room that had been turned off. You can also hear him walking around in the attic section of the upstairs when everyone else in the house is accounted for. And it's a man's heavy footsteps,too.

    So, that was one of the first ghosts I experienced.

    My Granddad has been visiting me on occasion for a long time. Granddad died over 21 years ago, but I know when he's come to have a talk with me, because I can taste the coffee-milk he used to let me have when I'd spend the night with him and Granny (about an ounce of coffee, with a lot of milk and sugar), and still smell his King Edward cigars. They have a very distinct smell, and I smell that, taste the coffee-milk I drink during our conversations, and I can smell Granny's house, the scent of the roses she cuts when her rose bushes are in bloom, the biscuits she bakes, and so on. Generally, we have our conversations in dreams, but when I wake up, I know it was more than just a dream.

    Mr. K used to work for a restaurant I won't name for fear of legal repercussions (lawsuits suck), and we all had experiences at that one. When we'd be alone in the place, when he was opening, or closing, we could hear footsteps over the ceiling of the bar, in an area that you can't walk around in (it's a facade, and there's six inches of maneuverable space, total, not enough to pace back and forth), we'd see people go by who weren't there, and more than one person has heard their name called, and no one else was there. One night, after I stupidly got into the habit of telling the known resident ghost goodnight, I left the office where Mr. K was closing out the day, and was going to go back to the bar to hang out and wait for him to be done, and I saw a full body apparition of a man, and a deep booming voice saying, "Well, hello, Kate!" Holy Jumping Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I scared my husband so bad by fuh-REAKING out over that.

    However, I got a lesson that if you are clairaudient, you shouldn't speak to ghosts and not expect to get a response, because you WILL get a response.

    I'd love to take a tour of the Whaley House down San Diego way, but then again, we went to Long Beach to the Queen Mary one weekend, and I couldn't even get NEAR the Queen Mary, because I could feel the presence of spirits. And some of them weren't nice.

    So...if I ever do go to the Whaley House, I should probably be prepared to see and hear spirits. The place is reputed to be haunted, and I have seen the ghost of Kate Morgan around the Hotel Del before....

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    Ms. K Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hoxharding View Post is a great site! You can check out their pics(some are way spooky)
    For fun, check out and look at their webcams.
    My mom, my daughter and I visited the Willard Library this summer, one afternoon that we spent in Evansville.

    Now, THAT is a LIBRARY. It's QUIET when you walk in, and smells of books. No wonder the Grey Lady hangs out there, it's PEACEFUL!

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    I have lived in two houses that were haunted...
    growing up in North Dakota we lived in a house and the basement was eerie...nothing really sinister happened but things would be misplaced, tv and radios would come on with no one in the room...the laundry room was in the basement and mother would not do the laundry unless my brother or I was in the basement TV room so she would not be alone...I have no idea of the history of that home..

    the 2nd was when I lived in Midtown area of Memphis, TN...My house was built in 1923 (for those of you in Memphis it is in the Annesdale-Snowden Historic District) otherhalf and I bought the house and 2months after moving in he got sent to the Middle East to work for 18 months by his employer (a major overnight shipping company based in Memphis)...before he left I started telling him that I didnt want to be in that drafty old house by myself I wouldnt feel safe or comfortable...well that night I had a weird dream where an old lady was babysitting me and telling me everything would be fine, I didnt recognize her and just brushed it off as a weird dream...the night he left I saw the same lady as a reflection in the hallway mirror, it startled me but didnt scare me and I would see her everyonce in a while, she was a comforting sight and she did take care of me while he was gone...He never saw her and thought I was crazy...I only saw her when he was traveling and then again at the end of our relationship I saw her a couple of times as I was packing to move out, kinda like she was telling me again that everything would be ok...I miss her!!!

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    Harry in Connecticut Guest

    Mexican Ghost Story

    This is a true story. It happened in Pecos New Mexico, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's absolutely true:

    This guy was on the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark and stormy night. The night was cold and wet and no cars went by. The storm was so strong; he could hardly see a few feet ahead of him.

    Suddenly, he saw a car coming towards him and stop. The guy, without thinking about it, got in the car, closed the door, and only then realized that there was nobody behind the wheel!

    The car starts going again, very slowly. The guy looks at the road and sees a curve coming his way. Scared, he starts to pray and begs for his life. Just before the car hits the curve, a hand appears through the window and turns the wheel.
    The guy, paralyzed in terror, watched how the hand appeared each time the car approached a curve.

    Gathering his strength, he gets out of the car and runs all the way to the nearest town. Wet and in shock, he goes into a cantina, asks for two shots of tequila and starts telling everybody about the horrible experience he just went through. A silence enveloped everyone when they realized the guy was crying hysterically and wasn't drunk.

    About a half hour later, two other guys walk into the same cantina and one said to the other, "Mira, Pedro. That's the Pendejo that got in the car while we were pushing.

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    MbalmR Guest
    LOL!!! That's hysterical!

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    knothere Guest

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    Middle Earth
    Worth a grin,thanx.

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    SuckMyKiss Guest
    Boooo. I was hoping it was going to be an actually scary ghost story. Still...made me giggle.

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    magblax Guest

    Jacob Kell

    In 1945 he butchered 35 people before being killed himself by a group of vigilantes. Also known as "The Arizona Ripper". I don't know if this is a true story or not. My limited research leads me to believe it is true. The thing is that they have a interactive haunted house type thing ( based on him and these murders.

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    SlippyInvader Guest
    I live 2 miles away from Presbury one of the most haunted villages in the UK.

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    attackatdawn Guest
    LMAO!! You really had me thinking this was a true ghost story!

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    Redlands Calif

    I have to ask this question. Is there anyone out here from Redlands. Calif? I would like to know if there is any of you that have some weird stories about that town. Cause I do

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    I lived out in Highland, which was next door to Redlands, well I actually worked out there. That place is weird!! Prospect Park scared the crap out of me,and I saw alot of weird things at my work! And they have a really old graveyard on the out skirts. That place makes my hair stand on my neck everytime I go by there.

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    That's pretty funny!!!! LOL!

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    [SIZE=5]Now that was funny![/SIZE]

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