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Thread: Martin Short's wife, Nancy

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiojane View Post
    She should have brushed up on his bio before interviewing him. That's journalism (not that I think Kathi Lee qualifies) 101. You're supposed to know the subject.

    I hear next week she's going to ask Lisa Marie what she's getting her dad for Father's Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangitbawb View Post
    I've actually met Kathi Lee... and I have to say that she's really down to earth and very gracious. It's obvious she wasn't aware that Mr. Short's wife had passed away, and the way he handled it speaks volumes for his character. I say give her a break, I'm sure she's more embarrassed about it than we are for her...
    True, but what Martin said to her was true, once a person dies you don't stop loving them
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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