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Thread: Nicest and meanest celebrity you've met

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    Nicest and meanest celebrity you've met

    This may be hard for some of us that live somewhere other than California. I used to live in Hot Springs, Arkansas and got to meet Jerry Van Dyke once. He used to live in a town near H.S. called Malvern. I met him in the mall and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. He was with an older lady who I think was his mother. I saw Bill Clinton when his mother passed away. I used to make deliveries to her house when he was running for President in 92. I remember she had the most God awful mean german shepherd. Sucker had to be chained whenever I drove to the house! Anyway, thought some of you would like to share some of your stories.

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    I met Loretta Lynn after a concert in 2001 in San Francisco and she was more than happy to sign her book, "Coal Miner's Daughter" for me.

    I met Joan Jett before her show in San Francisco, she was very nice and shook my hand and said "thank you" to me when I told her how much I enjoyed her music.

    I also met the red-haired gay guy from the TV show, "Ellen" - he played Peter. He was hanging out in the Castro in San francisco one New Year's Eve and went up to him and told him how much I enjoyed his role on the show. Yeah, I guess he was Gay in real-life!

    I'm yet to meet any rude celebs - I've had nice encounters, so far!

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    Bring_Out_Yer_Dead Guest
    Okay, this is probaly weird but I met Chuck Woolery
    when I was 13 in 1975 at a celebrity tennis match.
    My family and I went ( it was in another town
    several miles away).

    He was really nice and polite. This was before
    his "Love Connection" fame. He was the original
    host of "Wheel of Fortune" if I recall correctly.

    Lorne Greene was there and looked constipated.
    Going to the concession stand I almost crashed
    into Lloyd Bridges.
    Other than Wayne Rogers I can't remember
    who else was there. God I'm getting old.


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    ComputerGuy Guest
    I met Bob Hope in 1991 or 92 when he, Brooke Shields, Rosemary Clooney, etc were doing USO shows.

    He was an a$$hole.

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    Man, Lorne looked constipated as far back as Bonanza. Must have been Hop Sings cooking!

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    NoHo Arts District-L.A.
    Nicest- Ellen Travolta, Janis Ian, Loretta Lynn
    Meanest-Dennis Quaid

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    JeffD Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerGuy View Post
    I met Bob Hope in 1991 or 92 when he, Brooke Shields, Rosemary Clooney, etc were doing USO shows.

    He was an a$$hole.
    He wasn't funny either, and a major tightwad.

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    Bake Guest
    Lorenzo Lamas and his then fiance' (the model, can't think of her name) - Nice
    Connie Stevens - Nice
    Ricardo Montalban-nice
    David Hedison - nice (was on Fantasy Island alot)
    Robby Gordon- HOT (jump on the golf cart with me, won't tell you the position!!)
    Paul Newman- nice but rather aloof, no bothers him, but he knows your around.
    Walter Payton- Lived up to his name of Sweetness! (Former pro football hall of famer with Chicago Bears, died in 1999)

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    hoxharding Guest


    I say the biggest jerk was Kaito Kaelin(ok, not much of a celebrity)
    Nicest-Red Skelton and Steve Buscemi.

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    hoxharding Guest

    the oddest almost meeting

    I once ran into Rob Lowe who thought I wanted to pick him up(long story)
    He came over to me and I freaked and stared at the tv at the bar until he went away.
    Also, once I was on the set of '8 Men Out' and John Cusack smiled at me and said 'Hi'
    I was sooo cool, I turned red and stared at the ground until he walked away(ok, I am a bit shy)

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    kelbons Guest
    All I can think of is that song by Tom Wilson (Biff from "Back to the Future")


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    firegilnotguns Guest
    Most (if not all) of the celebrities I've met have been pretty nice...Al Gore was probably the nicest, but then his daughter is my sister-in-law's best friend so there was the pseudo-family connection there...I'm trying to think if any of the celebrities I've met have been jerks...honestly, I don't think any of them have been!

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    hoover6742 Guest
    The nicest that I met was Lynne Redgrave and Loretta Lynn as well..

    and I havent met a mean one yet.. probably because I havent met many celebrities

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    Jersey Girl Guest
    I've met quite a few celebs... mostly musicians... but I also met some others while I worked at a casino in Atlantic City.

    As far as the musicians go... Tom Petty is my #1 rocker... I have met him twice now and he is super nice and he was super laid back and very humble.

    All of The Heartbreakers were nice... minus Scott Thurston... MAJOR dickwad.

    I met all of KISS in the 80's... Gene and Paul - Arrogant Assholes. Ace Frehly -Super Nice, Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr... very nice.

    Motley Crue - Drugged out jerkoffs.

    Iron Maiden - EXTREMELY nice.

    Actors/actresses etc I have met...

    Martin Sheen - Really nice

    Michael Keaton - Nice

    Dr. "J" - Not nice... and he was very cheap.

    Andrew Dice Clay - Believe it or not, I dealt blackjack to him and he was very nice to me.

    Evander Holyfield - He was ok to me, but he was also cheap, lol.

    Michael Constantine - Nasty as all hell.

    I'm fried... I can't think of anymore right now.

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    onehunglow Guest
    Mean-Andy Griffith-Kenny Rogers-Glen Campbell-Rick Nelson

    Great-Willy Nelson. Smells like pot you get a contact high from 18 feet. That is some high grade stuff.

    Funny: Bill Cosby

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    xenaswolf Guest
    Tanya Tucker and Trisha Yearwood are first class bitches
    Joan Jett, kd lang, Martina Navratalova very very wonderful
    Chris Ledoux very very nice
    Melissa Etheridge awesome!

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    Guest Guest
    Lorrie Morgan, was a mean ol' heffer. Talk about a spoiled rich bitch!

    Mark Mcgrath- " Lead singer of Sugar Ray " Yummy * gets her drool cup *...... anyways, he was as nice as can be.

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    Nik Guest
    Adam Sandler- very patient in signing autographs while making the bomb of a movie Mr. Deeds (parts were filmed in my hometown).

    John Hampson (lead singer for Nine Days, great musician)- Hugged me after a concert on my request. That was very nice of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenaswolf View Post
    Tanya Tucker and Trisha Yearwood are first class bitches
    Joan Jett, kd lang, Martina Navratalova very very wonderful
    Chris Ledoux very very nice
    Melissa Etheridge awesome!
    I got to shake k.d. lang's hand at one of her shows. I took her up a bouquet of flowers in between songs and she shook my hand. Firm grip!

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    Guest Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xenaswolf View Post
    Tanya Tucker and Trisha Yearwood are first class bitches
    Joan Jett, kd lang, Martina Navratalova very very wonderful
    Chris Ledoux very very nice
    Melissa Etheridge awesome!

    I was named after Tanya Tucker...... Ugh go figure she's a bitch.

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    Darrianne Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by onehunglow View Post

    Great-Willy Nelson. Smells like pot you get a contact high from 18 feet. That is some high grade stuff.

    LOL! And he has THE coolest tour bus - the one with the wild horses and mountain scenery. He seems like a great guy though.

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    OBX Guest
    Sweetsumthin - so your name is Tanya Ball? lol

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    Danny62 Guest
    The only person I met and alot of you probably never heard of her is Suzanne Ciani. She is a new age artist!!

    Talented as hell! Her music is soooooooooooo damn relaxing.

    She had a meet and greet after the concert and signed all my cd's I brought with me. I even was chatting with her thru email and got my daughers autographed photos.

    I mean check out her music...she is very gifted!!!!!!

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    dr2red Guest
    You might not consider him a celebrity but I met Army Archerd way back in 1980 at the Canadian premiere of Superman 2. I was working at the front door of the Skylon tower in Niagara Falls and all I could see was the top of Christopher Reeve's head. I saw Mr. Archerd with the crowd and mentioned it to a staff person. Next thing I know Mr. Archerd and his wife came over, introduced them selves. He was thrilled that I knew who he was and that I was excited to meet him. He game his autograph which I kept for many years. I did not get to meet Chris Reeves or any other stars but Mr. Archerd became a star to me.
    I haven't actually met the actor Doug Hutchison(the Green Mile) but I was his webmaster for 5 years and he was always nice and thoughtful to me. I am the proud owner of a piece of the Green Mile.

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    OBX Guest
    dr2red - I had to look up his Wilkepedia entry, but I would consider him a star. He has got a star on Hollywood Blvd!

    Here is the link -

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    Guest Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OBX View Post
    Sweetsumthin - so your name is Tanya Ball? lol

    Yup it sure is.......there a reason for the LOL? I like my name.

    Tanya Tucker
    Lucille Ball

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    attackatdawn Guest
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin signed a autograph for my 10 yr old son at the Nashville airport, He didn't say too much but he did smile.
    A relative of mine seen Bob Barker on a airplane and said he was rather rude, also she met the guy that was the star on "Grizzly Adams" and she said he was really nice

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    OBX Guest
    No, I was LOL because I have been reading all over the site and put them together. Tanya Ball is a lovely name.

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    motherogod Guest
    Only jackass was Rick Springfield-- and met him at a signing at a Wal Mart in Norman, OK. Maybe that's why he was a jackass! Anyway, he acted as if he was bothered by all of us in line, and the picture I got of him he's pursing his lips! Jackass.

    I've met a few comedians and they're always great--
    Dave Chappelle
    Dave Attell
    Jim Norton
    Bobby Lee
    Charlie Fleischer
    Sherrod Small

    Back before the Blewinski story broke, I met Bill Clinton. He was here about a year after the OKC bombing and after his speech he circled the crowd. Well, our eyes met and he reached out for my hand specifically. I could only reach the tip of his middle finger and shook it, then held onto it. He smiled and said, "hello." I consider this a meeting-- and later figured out that he made tracks my way because I used to darken and style my hair like Monica's. Anyway, I thanked him for coming to OK and told him I'd repay him the visit when I was in DC. He laughed and moved on.

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    Darrianne Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetsumthin View Post
    Yup it sure is.......there a reason for the LOL? I like my name.

    Tanya Tucker
    Lucille Ball

    That is too cool that you were named after Tanya Tucker. She is one of my favorite Country singers........wild child she was! Ever read her bio, Nickle Dreams?

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    Harry in Connecticut Guest
    I never met a celeb, but I have had 'close encounters'.
    I was in line to cashout at a store. There was a guy in the next line with a kid.
    After he left I said to the cashier, "That looked like Brian Denehy"
    "It was" she said "He has a house in Woodstock." Woodstock CT is next to Putnam.

    I was at the "Hampton Playhouse" [a barn playhouse now gone] in New Hampshire to see a play, "Brighton Beach Memiors" by Neil Simon. I was in the lobby before the play, looking out the open door, when Alan Alda came walking up from the parking lot.

    What was nice was that nobody bothered him. His daughter had a part in the play. It was his evening with family, and that was respected.

    This isn't even qualified, but here it is. Just a short walk from my apt is an XtraMart [think 711]. Paul Newman has a charity for kids around here. Hole in the Wall Something. Paul and Ms Woodward stopped in there one night about 9-10 years ago, and the cashier refused her the use of the toilet.

    Can you believe? Mr & Mrs Sockerooni Sauce right before your eyes, and you don't prolong their stay!?!

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    Guest Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Darrianne View Post
    That is too cool that you were named after Tanya Tucker. She is one of my favorite Country singers........wild child she was! Ever read her bio, Nickle Dreams?

    My dad loved her, actually in all honesty he wanted to bone her, he loved her name. Therefor I was named Tanya, it is pronounced TOnya not TAnya

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    Cathy J. Guest
    Wayne Newton was in my town this past May.

    As I was mowing the lawn, two big White Hummers came up my street. I was outside mowing the lawn until one of those hummers pulled up next to me and the window was rolling down. In the backseat I saw Wayne Newton. Wayne didnt speak to me, but his bodyguard did.

    "..maam...would you please go inside your house. Mr. Newton wants to change cars and he will NOT do it if people are outside..."

    I said...

    "..why sure....but only if Wayne Newton does my lawn...otherwise I have a job to do...and besides this is MY HOUSE !!".

    Wayne said something ..I am pretty sure if I heard correctly "..f*ck that bitch".

    Anyway...both cars rather quickly pulled off and they went down the next street. sister saw Wayne Newton and his wife in our downtown checking the sites. She was telling me that a young pre-teenage girl ( 13 or 14 ) got a little to close to Newton only to have one of his bodyguards grab ahold of the girl and slapped her face screaming " are too damn close...Wayne wants privacy !!". Her parents were right there !!!!

    Did they go after Wayne and his crew? Raise hell? parents told their daughter that it is ok for Wayne's people to slap her in the face since he was a big star. When my sister told me this I almost...well..did a number 2.

    Unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited by Cathy J.; 10-09-2007 at 11:23 PM.

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    Harry in Connecticut Guest
    Wayne Nothing, I always called him. He was on some show years ago, telling how Elvis and he spoke before Elvis died. He said Elvis told him he was "The King" now.

    I swear he said that. Odd, I thought, since Elvis never call himself "The King".

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    knothere Guest
    I met Kim Mitchell, Kd Lang and The Crash Test Dummys all nice people.

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    deathybrad Guest
    So to summarize. Bob Hope - Dick. K.D. Lang - Man Hands.

    Has anyone met Randy Quaid?

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    candleinthewind Guest
    Ok, I used to be a hostess at the Cracker Barrel in Albuquerque and believe it or not a few celebs passed through.
    The nicest was Michael Martin Murphey who lives in Taos. He hugged me when I told him I liked "Wildfire" and told me to give my address to his assistant. Two weeks later I got a CD in the mail.
    David Faustino-Bud Bundy was dating a woman from SantaFe and came in for lunch quite often. They were quiet but seemed to be upset that no one recognized him. He got mad when one of the waitresses forgot to comp his check and we never saw him again. Cheap Creep!

    Marty Stuart was a jerk. He came in dressed head to toe in black leather when the temp was about 90. I had no clue who he was and he had to wait for a table on a busy Saturday night. He sat their scowling at his food and stomped out after his assistant paid the check.

    The Fabulous Thunderbirds came in and gave their server a big tip and tickets to their show.

    My husband also met Loretta Lynn and said she was nice. He also met Dolly Parton when he was a child and he said she was very kind and spent time with him even though it was at the end of a long day.

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    West Palm Beach, FL
    I've met alot of celebrities over the years at my jobs (Graceland and Delta) and while most of them have been really nice the two nicest I would say were Judy Tenuta the comedian and Florence Henderson, as for the worst - well, I still deal with that person regularly and would hate for them to read this forum...hahahaha....

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    Quote Originally Posted by candleinthewind View Post
    My husband also met Loretta Lynn and said she was nice. He also met Dolly Parton when he was a child and he said she was very kind and spent time with him even though it was at the end of a long day.
    My good friend is a HUGE Dolly Parton fan (with Dolly tattoos all over his chest to prove it!), and he got to meet his "idol" when he was 15 - when him and a friend snook into the Oakland Collisieum Arena where Dolly was doing a show. He was able to somehow get into the stadium and sit there and watch Dolly rehearse for her show and after she was done, she came off stage to meet them and was just so sweet and nice - altho my friend was rendered speechless and never said a word! She even touched his ear (since he used to wear a lot of earrings in one of his ears).

    I've always heard that Dolly (and Loretta Lynn - and I've met her!) are ALWAYS kind and sweet to their fans. I'm yet to hear any bad stories about those two.

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    candleinthewind Guest
    Loretta Lynn is also very cool and sponsors a big motocross event at some property she owns.

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    Snoopy Guest
    Close Encountersustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz (they were in town filming a horrid movie together.) Ted Danson he was leaving an Art Gallery off Rodea Dr.

    Nice: James Woods..seems arrongant but actually extremely nice.. my friend and I were at the movies and he happened to be at the same theatre..he took time to say hello and sign autographs very nice.
    Not Nice: Joanne Worley saw her on the street in NYC and she was not a nice lady.

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    candleinthewind Guest
    Up close and not so personal: NYC Edition
    Saw Weird Al on Lexington Avenue around midnight with a hooker on each arm. No lie. We walked right past him on the sidewalk.

    Stood a few feet away from Dennis Hopper at the Guggenheim Art of the Motorcycle exhibit. He looked suprisingly fit and dapper in an expensive suit.

    Andy Summers of the Police outside MSG. I walked right up to him and said hello but he ignored me and hopped in his limo.

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    GhostWorld Guest
    Not so nice: Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora (had a house in my town, I swear they were stalking me althought they didn't want to be approached [I never approached). Also Carlos Mencia just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Nice: Mitch Hedberg, Dave Attell, Jay Mohr (even though I heard a story of not so niceness..), Whoopie Goldberg waved to me at Disneyland, I found that to be nice. Doug Benson, Hal Sparks [bought candy covered apples for the entire staff at the the comedy club I worked at], and Brian Regan [his wife and sister-in-law made delicious desserts for the staff at the same comedy club].

    My decision is based solely on what form of sugar/chocolate/PB combo you bring me.

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    don't_axe_me Guest
    Erik Estrada - nice (surprised me!)
    Kim Carnes (before Bette Davis Eyes) really nice, don't know how she turned out
    Pat Butram (definitely senile, but nice)
    Gallagher - nice, but in a leering kind of way
    Dick Martin - (MAJOR dickwad)
    Loni Anderson - very sweet
    The guy who played Will's uncle on "Fresh Prince" - arrogant
    O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube? Ice T? I confuse them) very nice
    Howie Mandel - very nice, but a loon
    I'll post more as I think of them

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    SugarKane Guest
    Meanest -- michael keaton, cameron diaz

    Nicest -- ozzy osbourne, bill marr, alan thicke, ray liotta

    I go to school in Malibu so I have seen quite a few...

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    JeffD Guest

    Hank Williams Jr

    Hank Williams Jr: Super Nice!!

    I met 2 couples on a cruise to Cabo last may. One of the guys, I'll call him Jay-34 years old, is a big Hank fan.

    They went to see Hank perform in Orange County, So Cal. about 2 years before. About 4-5 songs into the set, Jay has a major heart attack and dies in the audience-no pulse and no resperations. Several people in the audience, including a nurse, start CPR.

    Hank stops the show immediately and clears the stage. They bring Jay up on stage and paramedics get his heart going again. He was gone for about 4 mins. They take him to a nearby hospital where Jay is in a coma for 2 weeks, 2 months total in the hospital. Hank has his personal assistant call everyday to see how Jay is doing. Hank sends Jay a fiddle he broke that night, autographed, plus other memorabilia and an invitation to see Hank backstage next time he is in town. Jay recovers.

    About a year after the heart attack, Jay and about 8 family and friends go to see Hank. They walk up to the tour bus and an assistant tells them Hank is talking to Mrs. Willie Nelson but that he will be right out. Mrs. Willie leaves the bus and they can see Hank coming down the aisle, big cowboy hat and all. Hank walks out, shakes Jay's hand and says, and I quote, "Boy, you scared the HELL out of me!!"

    Anyway, Jay now has all access passes to see Hank anytime, anywhere for life. They were planning on a trip last July to see Hank in St. Louis.

    All this is true. Jay even let me feel his pacemaker under his left collarbone. His friend who was on the cruise said it was the scariest moment in his life, watching his friend dying/dead not knowing how to help.

    My jaw was hanging down around my chest during the whole story. I've been to dozens of shows and seen some crazy sh*t but nothing like that.

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    don't_axe_me Guest
    Yes, I'll agree....Alan Thicke was very nice when I met him too.

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    katspjs Guest
    Over the top Nice

    Susan Lucci
    Walt Willey
    you can not believe how gracious they are to fans


    James Earl Jones
    Paul Newman


    Linda Rondstadt
    Rob Lowe (Brat Pack days)
    Rosie O'Donell (way before she became famous)

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    Twobeatlesleft Guest
    Believe it or not, OJ Simpson is the nicest celebrity I've met.

    I met him in November of 1993, just walking down a street in NYC in the early evening. I shook his hand and he was as nice as can be. I spoke to him for over 5 minutes, and I was just some stranger off the street. I have always thought he thought I was a prior acquaintance whose name he couldn't recall. Why else would he talk to me for that long?

    One time I saw Tatum O'Neill at the US Open tennis matches and she was somewhat rude to me and my girlfriend.

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    Rugger57 Guest
    I have met Kim Carnes several times in my life, even as recent as the late 90's. She has always been a gem, and as nice as you can be. Her husband, Dave Ellingson, is equally as nice. What wonderful people!

    The worst celeb I ever met was Gale Gordon....Mr. Mooney from the Lucy shows. I asked for his autograph and he mumbled and grumbled the entire time. I said, "Do you want it back? It doesn't mean THAT much to me!" He just walked on by.

    I met Shirley Jones as well. What a gracious and sweet woman! She is everything she appears to be and more.

    I met and talked with David Cassidy many years ago....just the week before his father Jack died in that appartment fire. That was in the fall of 1977. He was very kind and an appearently nice person, concidering all the crap he had been through up to that time with his teen idolism. Since then I have heard conflicting stories. His mother is very sick right now, and I hear that he refuses to help with any bills she has. I don't know that this is true, but just what I heard.

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