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Thread: Richard Hillman
peanut 09:31 AM 07-20-2009
Richard Hillman played the role of Aaron in "Bring it On". IMDB is listing his date of death as June 27, 2009 - without any other details. I've searched and have not been able to find any information. Has anyone heard news of his passing?

Guest 11:14 AM 07-20-2009
Mysterious! I couldn't find any other info either.

tarsier 11:46 AM 07-20-2009
How sad to die with that single credit not even a good one but a bit part in a mediocre film. Didn't know he had died.

Rhonda 10:22 PM 08-22-2010
Hey - Any more news on this? This seems mysterious in this day and age of too-much-information!!

Rhonda 10:51 PM 08-22-2010
No cause of death, but given the look of this pic taken shortly before his death, I would guess he did not overdose on health food.

Richard Hillman
Arguably the least successful of the ‚??Bring It On‚?Ě main actors (and the most physically changed ‚?? check out that picture of him above!), Richard has only been credited in three other projects after the 2000 cheerleading hit. Beyond uncredited roles in ‚??Legally Blonde‚?Ě and ‚??The Best Ever,‚?Ě Richard played Kyle Statton for two episodes in the TV show ‚??Jack & Jill,‚?Ě was Neill in the made-for-TV movie ‚??Teenage Cavemen‚?Ě and in 2007 played Dylan in ‚??Greater Than A Tiger.‚?Ě Maybe being broken up with by Kirsten Dunst in what turned out to be an extremely popular classic was too much for him to handle.

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SomeChick 12:05 AM 08-23-2010
I thought this was odd. It's his deleted Wikipedia page. It was deleted before he died too. It states the reason for deletion is he's not important/significant. I've seen much more obscure people than Richard Hillman listed on Wiki. His other names yield the same result :

Originally Posted by :
Richard Hillman Jr. (deleted 13 Apr 2008 at 19:35)

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This reason is not always accurate (how?)

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Actor Richard Hillman Jr., son of producer Richard Hillman Sr. was born on 13 December 1974 in the USA. He also goes by Richard Hayes and Dick Hillman. Since his last role six years ago as Neil in the movie "Teenage Caveman" Richard Hillman has fallen from the public eye. It is not known if he will return to acting.



  1. Teenage Caveman (2002) (TV) .... Neil
  2. The Best Ever (2002) (uncredited) .... John
  3. Legally Blonde (2001) (uncredited) .... College Student
  4. "Jack & Jill" .... Kyle Statton (2 episodes, 2001)

  • California Dreamin' (2001) TV episode .... Kyle Statton
  • Caution: Parents Crossing (2001) TV episode

  1. Bring It On (2000) (uncredited) .... Aaron
  2. Boys and Girls (2000) .... Frat Guy
  3. Mambo Café (2000) .... Chris
  4. Detroit Rock City (1999) (uncredited) .... Scalper
  5. Wildflowers (1999) .... Graham
  6. Palmer's Pick Up (1999) .... Pearl
  7. Charades (1998) .... Tow Truck Driver aka Felons aka First Degree (USA: video title)
  8. Girl (1998) .... Luke
  9. Denial (1998) .... Carl aka Something About Sex (USA: video title)
  10. Men (1997) .... Frank
  11. "Running the Halls" (1993) TV series .... Andy McBain' (unknown episodes)


  1. The Best Ever (2002) (writer)


  1. Men (1997) (executive producer)


Perhaps they have another listing for him, which could be the reason for deletion. But wikipedia's database is running slow right now, so I guess I'll check back later.

Skiptumaloo 02:10 AM 03-08-2012
Hi everyone, Richard and I were close friends. First I want to say that friendship with Richard was a double edged sword. I cared about him very much, but he could be a real pain in the ass at times "I say that lovingly". He was a spoiled rich kid from a prominent local family in the Pacific Palisades/Santa Monica area "again I say this with the utmost respect".

As an actor he was highly rated and was destined for stardom. He had it all the looks, the chops, and the charisma. There was not a chick on this planet who could resist his charm. In fact he dated Daryl Hannah for awhile, and a host of other female celebrities, even John Denver's widow for a spell. He was also close friends with Edward Furlong. Richard had a good heart, and he would have done anything for anyone.

He lived a fast life, and was not without his demons, and for good reason. Circa 1998/99 he was diagnosed as being HIV positive. He contracted the virus through intravenous drug use, particularly sharing a dirty needle with his then girlfriend. However being HIV positive is NOT what killed him. It was the guilt and shame his father Dick Hillman cast upon him. This estranged relationship with his father took its toll. Dick was always ashamed of Richard. I could go on and on about the two of them but I won't. I have no doubt that it's Dick who deleted that Wikipedia reference in fear that people would read about what really happened and about his son being HIV positive. Because believe you me Richard is very well deserving of his own Wikipedia page and then some.

But I digress, . . . in the end what killed Richard was himself. It was a long drawn out suicide of drugs and alcohol that took years to take effect. The funny thing is the HIV was never really a factor because in that respect he was VERY healthy. He refused to take the bullshit drugs like AZT, consequently Richard became a leading authority on the subject of HIV. Plain and simple he just wanted his pain to end.

One time I saw Richard take a handful of Codeine only to find out he was allergic to it his face turned into the staypuff marshmallow man for a full day . Another time I sat and watched a drug dealer slip an envelope through the car window at a gas station in Santa Monica only to have Richard look at me minutes later and say "watch this" as he took almost every pill in the envelope and dumped it into his mouth "were talking Codeine, Vicodin and whatever else" and he sucked it down with a swig of Patron Tequila. I was convinced, that he was convinced, this would kill him. Weirdly it didn't seem to affect him at all.

To Richard these were merely kiddie drugs, party favors if you will. No, his drug of choice was heroin. He hated needles for obvious reasons so he would always smoke it. I always hated it when he got high on that crap because he became downright scary.

It wasn't until late July of 2009 that I caught wind of Richards passing. I saw it coming down the pipe years before, all of us did. If you were to ask me I would say that Richard died of a broken heart. He always felt betrayed by the people closest to him because of how his father treated him, but the facts are he died of a heroin overdose. I would say accidental however when it came to Richard what could ever be construed as accidential. Suffice it to say Richard was not some dumb actor his level of intelligence soared off the charts sometimes too much for his own good.

My words are something his family never wanted anyone to hear. His father has gone to great lengths to cover it up. Richard was considered the black sheep of his hoity toity family. He never really fit in, and he went to great lengths to lash out at his father most times in a very humours way. I would NEVER in a million years condone the use of narcotics, but in Richards case it was the only way he could escape the massive amount of pain Richard Hillman Sr. bestowed upon him. I never envied him, not in the very least.

I miss my friend a great deal, and I miss him even more now that he is gone. There will never be another one like him and where ever he is I imagine he's now at peace. I hope my words will help shed some light on the great Richard Hillman mystery/Dick Hillman coverup. I swear his father is paying people to remove any information about his existence from the internet.

However I know the good people here at Find a Grave will see to it that does not happen. I've been a fan for many years. In fact Richard and I would browse the site back in the early otts.

Richard deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments and shame on anyone for trying to sweep his memory under the carpet.

baroque1 11:24 PM 03-08-2012
Wow Skip! Thanks for the post about your friend Richard.

terry1974 04:03 PM 01-27-2013
Thanks for posting this amazingly candid and heartfelt reply,I am in the UK and always admired Richard (Hayes) as he was then known for 1993's series Running the Halls.Even now although its not repeated people would say what happened to Richard and why is he never in anything now or in the subsequent years from the 90's-very few people sem aware of his death.I cannot understand how his family (not knowing much about his situation till learning of this) can say he was a person to darken the family name-he was a successful actor and had talent,most families would be highly satisfied by this in itself.I thank you for posting the above message,it has put-to-bed a lot of the swirling rumours that have blocked anyone knowing where Richard went to after tv work. Its very sad that a guy who looked so happy in acting,endured such a torrid and self-tormenting time of it. But indeed looking back over the careers of many UK actors over the years especially those in the hugely popular Carry-On films almost all delivered fantastic comedy but lived sad,single,lonely and otherwise empty lives plagued with alcohol,depression etc in their private lives.Thanks again for your comments.

Rhonda 09:38 PM 05-13-2013
So, does anyone know what the Dad, "Dick" Hillman does for a living? The reply by Richard's friend was interesting. I wonder who Richard's girlfriend who gave him AIDS was? We may never know all the answers....

frenchperry 04:13 AM 07-13-2015
I was a friend of Richie's, and I know what his father did to him. You see Richard Sr. (or CockGobble as he was known as) was a closeted homosexual. No one in the family knew about. . . But Richie shockingly found out one day after he returned from summer camp, and found Dick in his parents bedroom with two men dressed in BDSM gear with Richard Sr. One man was behind Dick penetrating him anally while the other man was force feeding him Snausages dog treats that were placed in a gold challace encrusted with jewels. It's a term they call "Anal Sex and Snausages."

Anyways, this scarred Richie for the rest of his life and being he loved his mother to death, he needed to tell her what her husband was doing in his spare time. Of course, Dick would do anything to make sure his naughty little secret was kept that. . . A secret. Richie wouldn't have any of that and told his mother.

This broke her heart and she NEVER forgave Dick, but still stayed married to him because of the money. Dick would never forgive Richie for this and made sure to make his life a living hell for as long as he lived in his house. This included such horrendous things like weekly Ludovico treatments, being locked in the basement which Dick called "the dungeon." While being locked in "the dungeon" Richie was subjected to being a plaything to Dick's high society friends who were closeted pedophiles. This included being forced to service his friends with a bottle of thousand island dressing.

By the age of 18, Richie was able to move out and start his life anew as an actor. But the demons and abuse from his father still haunted him. Because of this he would console himself with his best friend Mr. Brownstone. Because of this, he lost out on many acting gigs and potential relationships. In the end, the drugs took it's toll. He was finally at peace and could finally escape the harsh nightmares that troubled him.

Now you all understand what kind of monster Dick was to Richie. Sadly, Dick got away with it because he was from prominence and had an in with many people of power.

If you're wondering what happened to Richie's remains, Dick had him cremated and put in a Folgers coffee can. The ashes were used to be made into an ashtray, so that dick could put out his cigars on his son while singing "The best part of waking up, is putting out my cigars on Richies butt!."

For the record "Skiptumyloo" did not know Richie. In matter of fact, he used to stalk Richie as he was obsessed with after seeing Richie in "Bring It On" and would send Richie thousands upon thousands of sick love letters about how he wanted to "rape and cut him" while playing around with his blood. I can also vouch that Richie never dated Daryl Hannah, they met once at a party and that was that. Richie was in fact a gay man and would frequent many of the gay clubs LA. I can also contend that he did not contract HIV from "his girlfriend from a dirty needle." Richie did have HIV, but it was from unprotected sex from men he used to pick up while cruising.

KoNeKo 06:55 PM 08-25-2015
Wow this is crazy

frenchperry 03:59 AM 08-13-2016
I forgot to mention this. Richie was in a long-term relationship with former child actor Aaron Wulf. Aaron was recently in the news for a murder-suicide he committed. Let's just say Aaron was very needy and wanted more from Richie, but because of Richie's past problems, it drove his drug usage to a whole new level.