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Thread: Buddy Holly

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimC View Post
    Time sure does fly when you're dead.
    Time sure does fly if you are on a
    plane about to crash.
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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    "Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like a banana". -Groucho.

    Buddy, how I wish you never chartered that plane, that night, in that snow. That one event changed rock & roll for eternity.
    God rest you my hero.

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    Joe meek

    Quote Originally Posted by Aries65 View Post
    And then there is the story of English music composer Joe Meek (one of his hit songs he wrote was "Tell Laura I Love Her"). Apparently he was really into the occult and one time had a tarot reading done which told him Buddy Holly would die on Feb 3rd. Joe was able to get to Buddy and warn him, but Buddy sort of waved it off and told him not to worry about him.

    After the plane crash on Feb 3rd, Joe spent the rest of his days doing Buddy Holly tributes, and seances.
    Dave Adams , who was Joe's assistant and friend, and was there, said that it never happened.
    Joe Meek never met Buddy Holly.

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    Broomfield,Colorado. Originally from Meriden, CT.
    Remembering Buddy, Ritchie and The Big Bopper today. You all are still missed.

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    Hi there, from the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower,

    This thread seems about dormant but I am still saluting everyone. I have read the whole 46 pages and it has been great. What a shame they did not have digital, 16-million-pixel cameras back then. Anyway, I'll look at all the crash and after-crash (mortuary?) photos I can get :-)


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    Welcome J from Paris! But you did touch on something interesting. Does anyone have access to actual photographs from that accident? Often film is very high resolution.
    Leggo My Eggo!

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