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Thread: Obersalzberg - Museum and Bunkers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beukeboom View Post
    I have some pictures I can post if nobody objects, I don't want to hijack anybody's thread.
    Post away, not a problem.
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    Sadly the owner of the Hotel Ingrid Scharfenberg passed away in 2013

    ( ).

    The Hotel is now on sale.

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    RIP, Ingrid.
    Such a beautiful place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine2828 View Post
    Wow! Those Pics are amazing! Thank you for sharing them.
    So true, thank you for posting all this.
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    My mother in law was born in 1938 in Germany and she remembers as a young girl seeing soldiers around and once her mother, her sister, her grandmother and she were fleeing their home to get to her grandfather's house, Antonio Contasta (sp?), he was the cook for the Kaiser, and telling us about her and her mother, grandmother, and baby sister hiding in a ditch because allied forces were flying overhead and strafing the refugees that were fleeing, my mother in law refused to get into the ditch she didn't want to get her coat dirty, she was about seven at the time or six and she almost got hit by whatever was being shot at them, she had a hole in her coat that's how close it came to her. and she remembers her grandmother standing under a tree in fear and had a heartattack and died right on the spot, her father was killed in the war, he was forced to be in Hitler's army, he didn't want to be, but they told him if he didn't they would take him out and shoot him and his family for being traitors.
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