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  1. Morty
    I got my Avon mineral makeup, so far I love it. When the hubz starts making the big bucks with his electrical work, I'll splurge on the higher end stuff.

    I'm excited for this fall and winter. I've got my wardrobe full of Penelope inspired duds, cute skirts, spunky jackets, a couple pairs of Mary Janes (flats since I can't chase the lil one in heels), and finally some cute textured tights to give it the finishing touch. Target is getting all their cool Halloween gear in, and they have the cutest pair of footless skull tights that I will have to go back and get to wear year round to goth up my wardrobe a bit. There were also a cute pair of spiderweb tights, and of course countless pairs of skull socks. I love when Target gets their Halloween stuff. I picked up a black tee for my 3 year old with a pink princess skull on it.
  2. RocketQueen
    I bought the cover girl mineral make up loose powder and I love it.
  3. WordToTheBigBird
    I like the new mascara where its two in one
  4. RocketQueen
    How to curl your hair;
  5. Maruz83
    Does anyone own a CHI straighener ??? I have the blow dryer & I love it but I was wondering about the straightener.
  6. RocketQueen
    CHI's are the shit. Get one. It looks amazing, and you will never get it as straight with the dryer.
  7. cindyt
    I just ordered the Bare Essentials RAW Makeup kit. Anybody tried it?

    I also bought Revlon's revamped Color Stay lipstick. It's da bomb! Moist as hell and stays on!
  8. cindyt
    Bare essentials Raw Makeup sucks the big one, let me tell ya. I wear medium beige, but theirs was too dark for me and I just hated the consistancey. So I kept the brushes and tossed every thing else. I will be sticking to Revlon ColorStay from now on, thank you very much. HA.

    I have puffy under eyes that make me look tired. Not so much they can be called bags, but, anyway I found some L'oral Revitalizer under eye and upper eye combo and anti wrinkle cream at Kroger's for HALF price. Unbelievable. And it works. I think it was Molly who said it took about two weeks for the dark circles to disappear, but I have never had really dark circles, but the puffiness has all but disappeared and I've just been using it 3 days. YaY.

    Did any of you get a liver spot(s) on your face when you got pregnant? I got one on the upper side of my left cheek. But, for some reason or another, it disappeared. Who knew? My aunt had them and they stayed on her face until the day she died. I mean she tried everything, including creams and potions and facial bleach. Nothing worked. She was just 57 when she died. Anyway, I don't know what I did to make it go away, but I'm going to keep doing it. LOL.
  9. bluebird14
    Does anyone have problems with semi wavy hair? I do. I just had it cut yesterday to where it just rests upon my shoulders. This morning my hair got all wavy and it looks much shorter than it really is.

    I need to buy a hair straightener. Any suggestions?
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