Southern Death Hags!

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  1. mandee1005
    I just wanted to create a spot for all of us Southern Death Hags. If ya know what collards are, what real sweet tea taste like, and like good fried chicken, please come in and have a sit!
  2. Tracyb24
    um yeah, I fought the collard gas alll last night! LOL
  3. cindyt
    What about poke salad? Ever heard of that?
  4. mandee1005
    Only with scrambled eggs! Don't forget Snipe hunting!
  5. SheBoss
    Hello, All! Just joined today - A proud resident of Tupelo, MS, home of Elvis!
  6. Tracyb24
    Cool! Love me some Elvis!
  7. More Cheese Please
    Hiya everyone! Although I live elsewhere now, I'm a Tennessee girl by birth and spent my childhood there. I don't care where I roam, I shall always be a Southern Girl!
  8. mandee1005
    cheese you are more than welcomed here!!
  9. mandee1005
    How is everyone enjoying this nice warm weather we are having?
  10. Tracyb24
    I love the warm weather! I want it to stay but I know better. I hope I get through March with no snow.
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