Alfred Hitchcock fans

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  1. Jack-O-Lantern
    I hate to be so presumptuous as to make the first post here, but I LOVE Hitchcock. The Universal studios Legacy series of DVDs, which has done wonders restoring such films as "Imitation of Life," "To Kill A Mockingbird," and "Double Indemnity," is about to give the same treatment to 3 of Hitch's best: "Vertigo," "Psycho," and "Rear Window." These films will be reissued within the "Legacy" series on I believe Oct. 8. Even though I already own ALL of Hitch's films, I'll be upgrading to all three of these masterpieces--"Psycho" for one will FINALLY be seen (for the first time since its release in 1960) in its TRUE aspect ratio. Cause for celebration!
  2. Morty
    Welcome Bunny and Jack-o-Lantern!!! I love Hitchcock too, I can't wait to rewatch or watch some of the movies mentioned here. I grew up on Hitchcock. I need to actually start buying some more of his flicks, I just keep letting other little necessities get in the way, sheesh. I think the only one I have is Vertigo
  3. hrhdiesel
    love hitch! Rear window is still my classic! would love to see them on the big screen! One day sigh!
  4. Morty
    Welcome hhdiesel!!!
  5. bunny
    MY god I have found my hitchpals...
    I have to say the ones made in the 50's like North by Northwest...classic same as Vertigo, the dresses, the shoes the class...
    I would love to find an old movie house...that shows these on the BIG screen...oh man that is so cool...
    OH ya I had to find a phone like in Dial M...I wont tell you how much that sucker cost me hahahah
  6. Morty
    Bunny - check this out:

    It's an old theatre local to me. I've had the pleasure of going to see Casablanca there, and keep intending to go to more shows, but, alas it slips my mind.

    PS, thanks to Bunny for posting the Hitchcock night thread that inspired this group
  7. hrhdiesel
    Did anyone visit the old pyscho house in universal before they got rid of it??
  8. bunny
    oh man I hope Heaven is like either North by Northwest or...Dial M...hahah
    Oh man I would have loved to see that old house..damn!
    I have to say I love the apt Hitch used (well the sets) like in Rope, or Window..
  9. bunny
    I have to say I LOVE the trains on his movies...North by COOL...and Strangers On at Train...oh man class just class
  10. Morty
    I saw the old Psycho house back in '95, pretty darn cool. I've gone to the mission where the main action from Vertigo was filmed. That was so freakin cool. My daughter is named for Vertigo's Madeleine, so it was very surreal to take her there to see it, not that she really cared at a year old. The grey horse that Jimmy Stewart touched is still there
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