NY Death Hags!

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  1. ratkin638
    Hi! I'm not sure how much I will be bringing to the table, but I certainly qualify. I also live in a moderately small town (upstate, in the Adirondacks), but I work for the state, and my office is in downtown Manhattan! Because of the latter fact I would also qualify for a group of New Jersey residents, since I have an apartment where I live when I'm in my office. Last but not least, I travel as part of my job and I've had assignments (which keep me in one spot for two or three weeks at a time) all over the state. Bottom line: I've got New Yorker qualifications up the wazoo!
  2. spiritlynn
    Welcome Ratkin! I live in the Hudson Valley region, south of Albany. I think you definitely qualify as a NYer!
  3. ratkin638
    I spent some time in the Poughkeepsie area on a job not too long ago. My home, though, is north of Albany by about an hour, up near Lake George.
  4. TheMysterian
    I lived in NY all my life untill four years ago,do I qualify to join?
  5. kelbons
    I live upstate... in the Southern Tier. Corning/Elmira area..... the leaves are so beautiful right now!
  6. spiritlynn
    Ratkin, I love the area up by Lake George! I am hoping to go up there soon for the day just to hit the outlets and walk Main Street in Lake George.
  7. spiritlynn
    Themysterian, you are definitely a NYer! I have live here all my life, except for 6 months in MS and 4 years in ME. I can't imagine living anywhere else right now, but do hope to move south in the future. Where do you live now?
  8. spiritlynn
    Kelbons, welcome! One of my oldest friends lives in Corning so I try to get out there when I can to visit. You are so right about the leaves, I am looking out my back windows right now admiring the view!
  9. spiritlynn
    Has anyone read Weird New York? I especially like the ghost stories! I am going to try to post some stuff that might interest you all. Gotta head back to work!
  10. ratkin638
    Kelbons - As mentioned below, I travel a lot for my job. I'm currently more or less in your neighborhood (Ithaca) on a job. You're right about the leaves, but their nicer up by my house (where Fall has set in more because of the higher altitude).
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