PNW Hags

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  1. lovemymonkey
    Hi everyone!!!
  2. xenaswolf
    Hey there! Lets start planning this shindig!
  3. lovemymonkey
    Sounds good!! I will be gone August 9th-16th, so anytime after that works
  4. opheliahardin
    I'm in Seattle, gone Aug 3 to 27th. Camping not my cup of tea, but would love to picnic in the graveyard or just have coffee or see a movie.
  5. lovemymonkey
    A picnic would be fun too!
  6. xenaswolf
    Good we can get together, eat some good food gossip and bitch about who pisses us off on the board ROFL
  7. xenaswolf
    Ok so a picnic sounds like the plan. Now, where, when etc etc? Who's "hosting"? Lesbian though I am, I'm not much good at planning potlucks LOL
  8. lovemymonkey
    Ooooh, I love planning stuff!! LOL I'd have been such a good 1940's housewife. We need a centrel location for everyone, I think LOL
  9. lovemymonkey
    WHen did the group change to invite only? Does that mean we're elite? LOLOL
  10. xenaswolf
    When I got pissed off and didn't want certain people coming in here LOL. Then I figured well hell they ain't from PNW what are you worried about??? I"m still pissed LOL
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