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  1. panda
    Let me just start by asking if any of you girls have shoes that ruin your pedi? Is that not the most annoying thing? I have 2 pairs, one leaves black marks on my polish, the other pair rubs the polish off in areas...........I just hate it when that happens!
  2. panda
    Welcome Cindy!
  3. cindyt
    Have I? You know I do. LOL.

    Years ago I took a friend of mine to Sam's Warehouse. When we waled out it was raining fit to kill, but we just ran to the car, drove home, and I headed for the shower.
    Well, I kicked off my red flats and my feet were RED. I mean it looked almost as if I had stepped into a puddle of blood. I never wore a pair of red shoes in the rain again.

    Don't ever wear spike heels when you're going to be hanging around outside, trust me.

    Used to attend the family reunion with my little granny. It was held in a little church so primitive it didn't even have plumming and you had to use the outhouse. Out back there was several long picnic tables heavy with all kinds of food. Well, one year I wore spike heels and every time I took a step the heels nailed up to the sole in that good old North Georgia Mountain black loam. Needless to say I had to walk around on tiptoes.
  4. panda
    Anybody know a good smudgeproof mascara? The one I used to use "Professional", I think they changed the ingredients because its not the same. I started using "XXL" with the 2 layer system, but it seems to get thick really fast. I've tried "Marathon" too, but it never comes off!
  5. cindyt
    Revlon's ColorStay, though it stinks. At least to me.
  6. panda
    I use that lipstick! Thanks CINDY, my XXL is just about out & I will try the colorstay! Stinks huh? Kinda hard to apply mascara while holding nose, hmmmm maybe clothes pin or chip clip
  7. cindyt
    LOL. It just stunk when I held my nose to the tube. IDK.

    I love the lipstick too! And the foundation. I once used Merle Norman, but it's so heavy and it melts in these humid hot Southern summers, but Revlon's ColorStay rocks!
  8. MorbidMolly
    I do mostly Loreal.......adore all their products.....has anyone tried Bare Minerals yet.....bought it about a year ago and can`t live without it.....especially with this humidity
  9. panda
    Welcome MOLLY! I do use some Loreal products, do they make a smudge proof mascara? I have wondered about the Bare Minerals, there's a thread on here that everyone was raving about it, I'll have to give it a try. Right now I use Physician's Formula, the multicolored pressed powder & it works good but its really expensive & really doesn't last too long. Great pics Molly & love your new tar, very pretty!
  10. MorbidMolly
    I use the Revlon mascara....with the primer and then the mascara....nothing smudges that stuff........most everything else is Loreal though.....the starter kit for bare minerals is 60 bucks but it last powder is 20 a pop but it last about 4 months.....thanks for the welcome sweetie......great idea
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