The Pit

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  1. ichabodius
    Cmon guys talk music!
  2. msmojorisin84
    Ok..I have a topic. What do you fine folks classify as "Punk"? The first band that comes to mind is, of course, The Ramones.
  3. PvN73
    That is a hard one, they all came around at the same time didn't they. Did anyone see the doco on Joe Strummer? I thought it was fascinating, esp the early stuff. My fav song from them would have to be The Magnificent Seven, god I love that song!

    We had some good bands here in Aust too, even though they didnt break through when the went over to England, I especially like The Saints from Brisbane. Excellent band.
  4. Nessa
    The Clash. Everyone ripped off the Clash.
  5. JefeStone
    Im not into pop punk but I have to give credit where it's due. The Ramones and the mc5 started the whole punk thing in my eyes. BUT punk is more than music. It's attitude. Its about having balls and using them. Ramones were too happy happy joy for me. When I first heard Dead Kennedys is when I got hooked.
  6. JefeStone
    Fuck the Clash. The Damned were much better from the same era.
  7. Nessa
    The Clash were accessible, which in my opinion sounded the death knell for punk. I love the Ramones. The Damned were a GREAT band.

    Oh I took the liberty of adding some pics.....
  8. ichabodius
    I like the Clash. Sandanista is an amazing collection of songs. Lose This Skin is my favorite from the album. They were all over the place stylistically.
  9. JefeStone
    I really don't consider the Clash a punk band, but that just me.
  10. Nessa
    Cool show fliers! Now I have to google Raymond Pettibon and see what became of him.
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