Golden Silents

  1. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    Anyone out there wanna gather 'round the screening room and talk about the classic stars and films of the silent era?
  2. seurtoFW
    Hey! I was thinking about a group like this myself! This is great. I love Silent Movies. Try to catch them every chance I get on TCM. I'm totally into Gloria Swanson; have a couple of her's on DVD. Have you ever seen "The Wind" with Lillian Gish? I have the book it was based on; love them both. What are your favorites??
  3. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    Hi...glad to see someone with a similar interest.
    Gloria Swanson is a favorite...and yes, I've seen 'The Wind', it's a great film.
    Personally, I enjoy a lot of the work of Lon Chaney (not necessarily just the horror), most of the things that D.W. Griffith directed, and 'Broken Blossoms'
  4. seurtoFW
    Lon Chaney is pretty amazing. I cannot think of the name of the movie (still working on first cup of coffee) where he loses his legs and goes after the quack that operated on him, and the one where he is a clown in vaudeville or something in love with Loretta Young, a ballerina.
  5. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    I believe the film you're thinking of where he loses his legs is 'The Penalty.' He also played disabled (in a wheelchair) in 'The Shock' (one of his few films in which he got the girl). The film with Loretta Young was 'Laugh, Clown, Laugh.'
  6. seurtoFW
    Yes! I don't know why I couldn't think of "Laugh, Clown, Laugh" pretty obvious - duh. I don't know if I've seen "Shock," I'd like to tho.
  7. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    Every once in a great while, TCM runs 'The Shock,' but I think most of the prints of it are pretty worn...I remember reading about Chaney's turn in 'The Penalty', with the specially made coat so that no one would see that he was standing on his knees in the leather stumps.
  8. mrnorrischangestrains
    great group. When I was a kid the local youth center used to screen silent movies for us kids for some reason, this was in the seventies. I can't remember many of them now, except Laurel and Hardy and some Chaplin. Love "Pandora's Box" and Metropolis. Saw a screening of Metropolis in an old church in Berlin with a professional accompanist on the piano, amazing experience.
  9. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    Haha! Cool, I love Pandora's Box...Metropolis is also cool...
    on a side your screen name, MNCT
  10. MunstersBabe
    The golden age of Hollywood. What it would have been to be a part of that glamour then? They sure don't make beauties now like they used to!
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