The Killing Floor

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  1. John Trim
    John Trim
    Cool, I like Chicago Blues and Delta Blues.
  2. Nessa
    Delta and Texas blues here! I like all the different subgenres, though!
  3. puddles
    Jump blues, Texas blues. nothing to new..
  4. puddles
    Either of you into Big Maybelle?? AWESOME singer, she unfortunately had a bad heroin addiction so she didn't get the fame she deserved. She died of a diabetic coma way to young.
  5. Nessa
    I've never heard of Maybelle, I'll check her out. Have either of you seen the DVD 'Lightning in a Bottle'? WOW. It's a must see! Amazing!
  6. puddles
    Lightening in a bottle? Havent seen it-what/who's it about????
  7. puddles
    Heres a great RARE video of Big Maybelle from youtube hope you enjoy it she's AWESOME!!
  8. Alanwench
    Maybelle's video is awesome! I've loved Blues for years and consider myself a lifetime fan of SRV.
  9. Goldy
    Stevie Ray & Clapton are awesome, but ya just can't beat Buddy Guy or B.B.King! I can FEEL them when they play! I've never heard of Big Maybelle. Have to check her out (the video on puddles mentione is gone, BTW).
  10. Mark
    I love blues. I'm learning guitar, and blues music is my inspiration. I like to learn blues. As far as styles, Delta, Chicago, I like it all.

    Eric Clapton. I mainly I like Eric's work with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Cream, and Blind Faith. As far as Eric solo, I like his later album's Reptile and his tribute to Robert Johnson. Stevie Ray is awesome. Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Big Maybelle, Sonny Boy Williamson, Etta James, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, although my fave song by his more on the rockibilly side "Motor Head Baby." Buddy Guy. I have his new cd, really good stuff. Muddy Waters. Jimi did some good blues work.
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