NorCal Death Hags

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  1. John Trim
    John Trim
    Cool deal, Debbie. I like what you've done with the place.
  2. Morbid1
  3. SomeChick
    When I tick off some of the other 10,000 things I have to from my list, I'll poke around in my photo albums for some NorCal pics. I know I've got some of our Winchester Mystery House Tour and The Cliff House/Sutro Baths. I'm not sure what else I've got that would be fun to include. You just never know. Maybe you guys have some dandy NorCal pics to show off our group in style too?
  4. John Trim
    John Trim
    I added some pix I had on my puter. Hope you enjoy.
  5. SomeChick
    Nice pics John. I especially like the Painted Ladies and the Best Looking Cable Car Rider. My Mom's gonna be so jealous. San Francisco is her favorite city in the world!
  6. John Trim
    John Trim
    Ok, People add some pix from your corner of Northern California.
  7. Nicki
    Hi, I'm Nicki from the East Bay. Lived here my whole life. Years ago they use to have a Halloween Tour at the School of Mortuary Science in San Francisco. It was called the Dead Beat Tour. Very interesting. I went with a group of about 14 people and we had alot of fun. I've always been interested in Cemeterys, famous Graves(as well as the famous themselves) and the different inscriptions on the tombstones.So needless to say I was thrilled to discover Find a Death a fews years back and finally decided to check out the forum.
    Still learning alot on the computer so I can figured out how to put a Avatar with my name. Eventually I will.
    How many do you have in the NorCAl group? I see nine at the top of this page counting me.
    By the way, when I was out in Colma once looking for Wyatt Earps Grave the Cemetery Gardener asked me if I was a "Cemetron". He said that is a person that likes to roam the Cemeterys and enjoy the peacefulness, and for whatever reason. I like that if your that type of person then consider yourself a Cemetron!
    Also John I love your pictures. You look like you are a Cable Car Operator on that picture where you are standing on the side! Are you?
  8. SomeChick
    Welcome Nicki
  9. John Trim
    John Trim
    Hi, Nicki. Glad to have a fellow East Bayer here. No I'm not a Cable Car operator. I dispatch for Yellow Top and Hayward City Cab. I like that Cemetron name. That cool.
  10. Philliefan
    Hello Northern Cal hags! I'm from Delaware, but I'm going to be in San Fran on Saturday! I've never been and will have about 1.5 days on my own (before the meetings start) to do a few things. Any suggestions from the locals would be appreciated. I know there are a ton of restaurants. John - maybe I'll need a cab! We're going to do the Alcatraz tour on Wed. night and have plans to go to a couple of restaurants, etc.
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