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  1. TheNotherOne
    So Blue, tell me about your house, and when you get a chance, upload some pictures. The pic I posted is the exterior of my house when we first bought it. It's a 1920 bungalow. Have made improvements to the outside...awnings are gone, installed a cedar screen door, planted a lawn as well as flowers around the old flagpole...and am making slow and steady progress inside. Will post more pics when I get a new digital camera (ran over my current one with my car...don't ask).
  2. bluebird14
    Well my house was build in 1994, and its a 3bed 2bath house with a nice back yard and 1car garage. The house was in ok condition, but it had a leaky toilet, no door to the standing shower, and needed to be tiled from the living room on. My husband and I bought it and we have just been fixing things, painting,etc.

    I have to take some pics of the house too. My best friend stella has been bugging me about it.

    Oh and the front of the house has a cumquat tree and a flowerbed, so its really pretty.
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