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  1. panda
    I have never even heard of Radiohead Curtis, but because I luvs ya baby I be here
  2. Curtis Radiohead
    Curtis Radiohead
    Thanks panda! You need to hear some Radiohead! I recommend OK Computer! Thanks for joining! C
  3. cherryghost
    Great music on my ipod while I do what I do whenever Im doing it!
  4. cherryghost
    Beats listening to Coldplay which I would never do cus I think they did a lot of listening to Radiohead to ever be coldplay!
  5. hrhdiesel
    Hi people...yeah i like radio head....creep was the tune when it came out
    Love Just...the video was great!
    I did like ok computer...just found it depressing so i havent played it in a while!
  6. Noor 7ayaty
    Noor 7ayaty
    I have only heard one song by Radiohead (Creep). Is that enough to join? lol
  7. Curtis Radiohead
    Curtis Radiohead
    Join anytime you want to! There is not pre-requisite to join, just jump in! ; )
  8. Noor 7ayaty
    Noor 7ayaty
    Curtis, why don't you just give us an introduction? I notice that some music mags have counted Radiohead as pretty much being over, only to see them resurge again, but I always read about it in the music trades, didn't hear any of it. So where should we begin?

    Also, I'd like to know what other bands or genres you like? (Question open to everyone).
  9. hrhdiesel
    I love their new of the djs in the uk mixed mexican music with one of the sounded good if that makes sense!
  10. Noor 7ayaty
    Noor 7ayaty
    I checked out "House of Cards" last night, fairly cool; think I'll keep it around as "decompression music." The project I'm working on currently is the 'hardest' I've ever delved into: metal. Well I guess it's more of a hybrid between metal and others. Anyway the vid for HOC was pretty unique.

    HRH, can you send me a mix of the song you heard? I'm interested in giving it a spin ...
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