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1) Do not break any law of the United States or encourage others to do so

You are allowed to discuss criminal acts you have seen or heard/read about. You are allowed to discuss illegal acts you have committed. You are not allowed to post content that breaks any laws. You are not allowed to encourage anyone to break any laws.

2) Do not post any nudity in your avatar, signature, or profile picture; do not post pornography anywhere in the forum

You are allowed to post artistic nudes that do not reveal the genitals or don't depict sexual penetration, as long as the image does not appear in your avatar, signature, or profile picture. You are not allowed to post any nudity, explicit gore, or image of sexual penetration in your avatar, signature, or profile picture. You are not allowed to link to any page with a pornographic image, even if the image only exists in advertising on that page.

3) Spam and referral links are not allowed

You are allowed to post links to sites that you are not affiliated with and that you feel will be of legitimate interest to other members of the forum. You are allowed to link your site in your signature, as long as the link is deemed tasteful and appropriate by administrators. You are not allowed to post a link to a site (outside your signature) or repeatedly mention a site with the intent of driving traffic there for your own gain. This includes sites that you own, sites that pay you a referral fee, and sites that otherwise reward you for bringing in traffic. If your first post is spam, you will be banned permanently. You are not allowed to solicit money for any individual or family, though you may post links to newsworthy public funds.

4) Neither hate speech nor personal attacks against anyone that posts in this forum is allowed

You are allowed to report hateful words or incidents that you have seen or heard/read about if you have no intent of endorsing them. You are allowed to make fun of any public figure that does not post in this forum, as long as your remarks do not fall into the category of hateful speech against a broader group (not including celebrities or politicians as a whole). You are allowed to poke fun at other people on here with whom you are on friendly terms, within reason. You are not allowed to personally attack anyone that posts here. You are not allowed to use or endorse racist, homophobic, sexist, or other hateful speech, outside general remarks about groups made up of public figures - i.e., politicians and celebrities.

5) You may only have one user name

If you want to change your name, send a Private Message to an administrator. If you are banned and create a new user name to get around the ban, your ban will be extended. If you do this more than once, you may be permanently banned. If you ask for your account to be closed, you may post a "goodbye" topic, but you must lock your thread to help ensure no drama will spring up about you after you have gone.

6) Help keep the forum organized for all users

a) Before posting a new topic, use the Search feature, found at the top of every page, to see if a similar topic has already been posted. If there is already a thread about the person or thing you want to post about, do not post another one. Even if you are talking about a new facet of a case, you are still talking about the same case, so keep it in one thread.

b) Respect the forum's categories. Here are some rough guidelines:

Only for people that were most famous for acting and are already dead.

Only for people that were most famous for singing, dancing, and/or playing a musical instrument and are already dead.

Only for people that were most famous for writing, directing, or other off-camera/off-stage roles and are already dead.

For famous people that are already dead and absolutely do not fit into the above three categories: stand-up comedians, politicians, scientists, etc.

Talk about movies, books, television shows, plays, etc., and the people involved - even if those people are all or mostly dead. (Remember you are discussing the actual works.) Gossip about living celebrities.

Talk about both past and current crimes. Living criminals and the crimes they are responsible for go here. Also for victims who were never even a little famous until their deaths made the news.

Talk that is primarily about current events, history, and this community's opinions, but don't put anything here if it fits in the Entertainment category or if it is mainly about any of Scott Michaels' projects (see below).

Talk only about Scott Michaels' projects besides and this forum.

Comments and suggestions about and this forum. If you want Scott to cover a particular celebrity, do not post the request here. Instead, look for a thread in the one of the first four categories (for instance, if Tom Jones died but wasn't covered on the main site, look under Musicians). If there is no thread, start one.

Some people, like Frank Sinatra, fall under multiple categories, but if there is no existing thread, ask yourself what the person was best and more successful at, then start a thread in the appropriate category. If there is a Frank Sinatra category under Musicians, do not start one under Actors and Actresses to discuss his films. There is no reason to break up the Sinatra discussion like that.

If you post a thread that effectively duplicates another thread, or if you post a topic in the wrong place, send a Private Message to any moderator or administrator - particularly if you see her or him online at the time. Moderator names are bold and administrator names are italicized for your convenience. Additionally, all moderators and administrators are listed on the Forum Leaders page.

7) Follow all copyright, fair-use, and licensing guidelines

You are not allowed to use text from an external source without proper attribution. For Web sites, this generally means you must post a hyperlink to the page you are quoting and you may not quote more than a reasonable amount of text. A good rule of thumb is to directly quote only whatever is needed to get the idea across - no more than about two paragraphs' worth of content. For Wikipedia articles, you most post a hyperlink (this is explicitly required under Wikipedia's licensing terms) to the source page. Wikipedia content is also limited to the same length considerations as other online sources: no more than about two paragraphs of text may be used. You may not post any article from an external source in its entirety unless you are the sole author of that work.

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