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  1. Yep, Couple weeks.
  2. Thanks John - your b-day is coming soon!
  3. Happy Birthday, Sister.
  4. Glad your feeling a little better. You'll be at 100% before you know.
  5. Yep, feeling a little better these days. It'll be a while before I'm 100%, but I'll take what I can get!
  6. Hey, Micky. How are you doing? Hope you getting better.
  7. Probably next week when Ich gets here. I'm meeting him SFO to get him to his hotel in The City.

    Horatio's is still there, They tore down the Dolphin. The Denny's is on the left side of Marina Blvd. Just off the freeway.
  8. I think I know where that one is. I've been to Horatio's a few times at the Marina and went to the Blue Dolphin for a wedding reception before they closed their doors.

    Glad you didn't get flaked on! Are you going to hook up with them again?
  9. Yeah it was great. The Denny's is the one at Marina and Merced in San Leandro. Just west of 880.
  10. Hey John - Thanks for the link to the pics. Glad to see you got to meet them! Where was that Denny's at?
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