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  1. Hi Babe! How are you?? Seems every time I plan to spend more time anywhere online, *POOF* there it goes, and i spend less. I've been fighting a second cancer battle, this time breast cancer, since December 2012. After surgery had to stop radiation treatments a few times because the treatments gave me 3rd degree burns, but i had to keep starting again ASAP. The cancer docs are cautiously optimistic; now that rare lupus shit is out of remission. Still here fighting it though! I still think of you and send good vibes & prayers your way. Happy New Year, and may 2017 bring you great prosperity and joy in every facet of your life!
  2. Nooorrr! Good to see that you are still kicking. Me and few of the others are on Facebook - if you'd like to hook up there. Send me a PM and I'll give you my name.
  3. Hello dear M! Nice to see you again. I hope all's well with you. I was afraid we'd be out of touch. Thanks again for all your awesome advice over the years, I really appreciate it. You really rock!!!
  4. And I still love your avatar too, girl!
  5. Hey gal! *Love* your new avatar! LOLOLOL!
  6. I hear what you're saying...
  7. Gosh I am such a DWEEB! I never noticed the # of people who visited -- just the last ten. I took down my album. I think if you look at other's profiles, my numbers aren't so big. But then, how many people who have 80 friends actually COMMUNICATE with 80 people? I have my doubts. I was going to write a post about some 'friends' just gathering people for 'notches in their postpost (bedpost, HAR!)' but of course, if I sneeze wrong, bet I get banned -- since the meaning of the rules -- and more importantly how they're being enforced *equally* (NOT!) doesn't seem to bother anyone else who moderates/admin. Again, a great big "HMMMMMMMMM"
  8. Wow! You get a lot of visitors girl! Some of the same people visit my profile too!
  9. Thanks babe! Hmmmmm guess who's been checking out my profile?
  10. Hey cutie - thanks for saying my name! . You look happy in that new photo...
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