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  1. Hi Tutter! Miss you! Hope you come back soon
  2. Sorry I haven't been around for so long. The good news is, our friend who stayed with us while having cancer treatment is doing GREAT. He was a stage 3 patient, finished his chemo & operations, and his last tests show he's cancer-free now, isn't that wonderful?! I did miss all my hagfriends though!

    Hopefully I can stop by and visit everyone more often
  3. Thank you!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    Nice page background!
  5. Hello and Surprise! And a belated Happy New Year to you dear! May this be your best New Year EVER, filled with many many blessings! Thanks for the note and the smile

  6. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

  7. Awwww, not getting notifications sucks!! Hope you were able to clear up why that happened! Hope you have a great day!!
  8. Well I have been sitting up here, very depressed for about three weeks now because I thought every friend I had here had simply dropped me and/or forgot me. Today I found out that for some reason I no longer get email notifications, and that's why I had no idea anyone had messaged me. My sincere apologies! Hope you're well
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