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Thread: Juliette Kaplan (Pearl from "Last of the Summer Wine")

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    Juliette Kaplan (Pearl from "Last of the Summer Wine")

    Best known for her role as battle-axe Pearl on LOTSW. Her pipsqueak husband Howard was always trying to sneak away for a quick cuddle with his girlfriend Marina. His various escape attempts were always thwarted by Pearl. But as Juliette explained in an interview, this subplot of the series never got sordid. Howard wasn't going to do anything really adulterous, so the emphasis was on his latest ridiculous attempt to escape from her nagging for a few hours.

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    I loved her in LotSW when I was a child. You always knew the minute Howard thought he was getting away with it, she would be around the corner and she always was.

    Unlike a lot of the cast, she was younger than the character she played so she wasn't instantly recognisable when off set. In fact when she did a stint on Corrie back in 2015, many knew her face but didn't know from where until her name came on the credits.

    R.I.P. Juliette

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    I so enjoy watching the show-last of the summer wine- because
    us older people have something to see.
    So just not for the 19 to 28 year olds.
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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