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Thread: Inept Parachutist Fails To Die After One Mile Fall

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    Inept Parachutist Fails To Die After One Mile Fall

    "I got this", most people might think when it comes to dying after plummeting from nearly a mile high in the sky - but not this girl.

    The unnamed woman - a seasoned skydiver - experienced what has to be a major, "Oh Sh*T!" moment after jumping from a plane a few days ago in Canada.

    Being experienced, I'm sure she felt a tinge of concern when her primary parachute failed to open, but hey; that's what the backup is for right?
    What kind of crazy, cowboy type of skydiver jumps without a backup chute, right?

    It seems that the backup failed to deploy as well.
    What are the odds of that?

    Maybe somebody was playing a little joke on her - you know, sort of like in an old Roadrunner cartoon where the Roadrunner swaps the coyote's parachute for an anvil or something.

    But no matter how improbable it might be or seem that both parachutes would fail to deploy as she falls from almost one mile up, what happened next is even more unlikely:

    She survived.

    She had some fractured bones but was admitted to a hospital with no life threatening injuries.

    Witnesses watched her plummet the whole way down fearing the worst - which seems like a reasonable reaction to the circumstances - and saw her fall into a small wooded area where a tree or some vegetation broke her fall.

    She really should have gotten the ambulance to stop along the way to the hospital so that she could buy a lottery ticket, I'd say.

    Here's the story:
    A faulty hypothesis forming:
    A German scientist using Iranian physics and French mathematics.

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    And they say miracles no longer happen.

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    I would have had a heart attack before I hit the ground.
    Stay in Drugs. Eat your School. Don't do Vegetables.

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    Wasn't her time to go.
    Do no harm, But take no crap.

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    The father of Peri Gilpin who was Roz Doyle on the
    TV show Frasier died while skydiving in 1983.
    Carolyn(1958-2009) always in my heart.

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