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Thread: Roky Erickson

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    Roky Erickson

    USA Today reporting that psychedelic musician Roky Erickson also died. He was the front man for the "Thirteenth Floor Elevators" and they had a hit with "You're Gonna Miss Me". He was probably the only person on earth who pled insanity to a marijuana charge and actually ended up in a mental institution for awhile. It is ironic that he and Leon Redbone died close to the same time as they were both quite eccentric men and it was reflected in their music.
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    RIP................Slip Inside This House........................

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    Saddened to hear of Roky's passing - He was a sweet old gent. I was lucky to spend a few minutes with him. He still had a twinlkle in eye and a smile on his face. For all of the crap he went through in his life, that he was still out doing his thing and having fun with music was a huge accomplishment

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