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Thread: Utah father dies on Mt Everest after joining Seven Summits

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    Utah father dies on Mt Everest after joining Seven Summits

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    I watched a segment on this earlier today. There was no mention of leaving him there but I assumed that was the case. The article conforms that. Not that it matters one bit but this was something that never interested me.

    Anyway, I guess going doing something you enjoy is not a bad way to go.

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    12th climber this season to die on that mountain. Arenā??t there helicopter rides you can take around it instead? Less of a coup, of course, but.......Get a nice look, bob your head up and down Clark W. Griswold style, then GTFO and get some oxygen?

    I donā??t mean to poke fun at his demise or minimize his accomplishments. It makes you wonder if the body and mind conspire at times like that...yep, just achieved my lifeā??s goal, completed it...

    And yep...ā?at least he died doing what he loved.ā? Whenever someone makes that observation, I think of creepy old geezers having sex for the last time...
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    I watched a documentary a few years ago and the main focus was those who died in their attempts to climb it. And their bodies still remain where they died. I don't like walking to work in snow and cold weather and it's a 10 minute walk ! Nice to look at from an aerial view but I have not interest in climbing it. I guess it's the old "because it's there" for people who do it. Just saw this on the news ..........
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