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Thread: Chas Hodges - Chas and Dave

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    Chas Hodges - Chas and Dave

    Chas Hodges of "Rockney" legends Chas and Dave has died.

    They had a few hits in UK, and he was a great musician.

    Chas and Dave were a great live act. I saw them a number of times.

    RIP Chas.
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    Yes Sad to hear this at the weekend
    Chas and Dave Started out at the "Ponders End Allotment Club" in Edmonton North London.
    this was a big hit of theirs in the 80's...aint no pleasin' you
    Chas also played with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
    and Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and Gene Vincent.

    Great Pianist and Good Bass player
    will be sadly missed

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