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Thread: Best. Sketch. Ever.

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    Best. Sketch. Ever.

    Police in Lancaster, PA aren't just good at what they do; they're lucky too.
    I mean, what are the odds that a crime will be witnessed by someone with the considerable artistic abilities of a Rembrandt?
    Well, maybe abilities more like those of a Picasso.
    Well, maybe more like the abilities of any given 4 year-old in a kindergarten class.
    Well, maybe more like my artistic abilities - if I had any artistic abilities.

    An eye witness provided the sketch and the police used it.
    It worked.
    Someone saw the sketch and said, "Hey! I know that guy!"

    Police were able to identify a very Caucasian-looking gentleman with the incongruous name of Hung Phuoc Nguyen as the likely culprit in a robbery that involved stealing money from an unattended till at a farmer's market.

    I don't know if I would be more embarrassed for having been identified as a thief, or more so for having been identified from that sketch.

    I've tried repeatedly to upload an image using different methods and browsers but seem to be having an issue; sorry.
    You'll have to click the link to see it I guess.
    The only thing looking out of place with it is that it doesn't seem to have been drawn with crayons.

    Updated, now that the photo uploads are working:

    Best Sketch Ever.jpg
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    okay wow, I am seeing the name and seeing the guy, and I am like, um was he adopted into a Vietnamese family?
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    One of the best posts ever !! I almost fell off my chair when I saw the sketch and then the guy. Made my day !
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    Excellent Police work considering what they had to work with.
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    That is pretty fricken hilarious tho. Best. Post. Ever!! LOL

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