Is anyone else struggling?

  1. DietCokeofEvil
    If anyone has been on the "Pastor calling for the death of gay people" thread, you may have read my post about struggling with the Bible. I figured I'd bring it here off the forum- it would be nice to get a discussion going or just support for ourselves in these difficult times.

    While I still have faith, I am having a lot of struggles with the book that is supposed to be our guide in our earthly life. I have a vague recollection of how the Bible came to be, and that all Scripture is supposed to be God-Breathed- but I look at a lot of todays religious leaders, and the bullshit they say comes from the Lord and wonder if maybe there weren't religious leaders of that kind back then.

    I am wondering if anyone would care to join me in my Journey. If others are interested, I may see about starting a blog that we can all get together on and discuss. Let me know here or in a PM and I'll see what we can make of it.
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