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  1. Hey noelle....tornado touched down about 1 mile from us. The closest one ever. I got some great pictures but thank god it was a small one. Lots of damage around the private airport and some ripped up trees. All we got was hail and a LOT of rain. We are going to look at 3 houses today. One in Mims and 2 in Titusville. Wish me luck! You guys had a lot rain too last week didn't you/
  2. Are you doing ok? Heard that there was a tornado up your way.
  3. Hey Noelle.....any problems with the tornado that hit down there?....looks like an F1
  4. Yup we dad lives in Titusville, so we are down there a lot....Howdy Neighbor!
  5. Titusville! We're neighbors!
  6. I am in Edgewater....and you?
  7. Hey - I'm in Central Florida, too!
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